Why do I want to forgive him?


 Because being angry was not helping me progress. I want to forgive him because I have allowed him to steal time from my past but I won't allow anymore time to be stolen from my present or my future.
I want to forgive him because things in his life are messy. If I am a part of his life, I shall also be so. Messy isn't good enough for me, I want clarity.

I want to forgive him because through his hurtful behaviour, he ironically showed me how I want to be loved and I am more than thankful.

I want to forgive him because I could go back but I don't want to. Everything that we had was a blessing. I was blessed to have him in my life and he has taught me a lot. That is why I forgive because life goes on. The clock doesn't move backwards, it moves forward.

The path of forgiveness allows me to elevate my path and my becomings. I am here to forgive because I have chosen to do so. My progress is not in his hands; it is in mine.