4 things to remember when you start a new relationship

image by Getty images

image by Getty images

I won’t even lie, it’s scary! You find yourself falling for someone and you want to be with them. So many questions start to fill your head: Does he like me? How do I know? Do I initiate the first conversation? What if he rejects me? What will I do if he rejects me?

A bunch of emotions fill you up as you begin a relationship with someone and, sometimes we have no idea what to do with them, approach the person or deal with ourselves in this phase of our lives.

Here are a few tips:

1. Trust!

I took a SoulCycle class two weeks ago and the instructor spoke about trusting. It got me thinking how little we trust others and trust ourselves. We need trust to do anything in life, including waking up in the morning. We trust our brains, we trust our bodies and we trust the air that we breathe. A foundation of a solid relationship begins with trust. Like Joyce Brothers said, ‘The best proof of love is trust.’

2. Let go of the past.

It’s no secret that I have had a horrible past with people that I have dated. So, I can tell you clearly that holding onto negative baggage will only bring you down. We can all walking around crying about yesterday or move forward with love and certainty. Life is all about balance and your past deepest pain will find you in your deepest joy one day. Be open to it.

3. Be open

Every time I close myself up to the prospect of a new love, I remember this quote by Anonymous, ‘ Be as open as air. Unrestricted and rid all insecurities. Transparency wins hearts.’ We are naturally drawn to people who are open because we are creatures of receptivity. We pick up on each others’ energy and we tend to avoid people who are closed off. The person you are beginning a relationship with could be your soulmate, don’t block it off by being closed off and doubtful. Be open to the possibility of all of what might be, whether it be joy or pain, at least you are learning, growing and loving.

4. Be true
There is no point in being someone you think the person you like, likes. When they find out who you really are, things will go South. And, I don’t mean South like Atlanta. I mean South like you might find out that you are incompatible and you have wasted two people’s time by not being truthful. Being genuinely who you are will attract someone who is genuinely into it, which is half the battle.