I have found true love and respect.


Image by Unsplash


I have found true love and respect. He is in the form of someone who believes in the order of life. He believes that everything happens for a reason, and that we have met for a reason.

His belief is shown through his behaviour towards life and me. He wakes up enthusiastic about life and what he has to offer life. Thus, appreciating what life has to offer him.

He believes in equality so for the first time in my romantic life, I am not the only one giving my time and energy this time around.

He sees the silver-lining in clouds during stormy times. When difficulties arise between one another he, just like I, will look to the light to make it out of stormy weather.

Because he believes in peace& love and he has no reason to belittle me, name-call me or disappear when things are not going his way.

He goes out of his way to appreciate the things in his life- including me.

I have found true love and respect.