The 3 reasons why I have chosen to let go of my Twin Flame.


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My Twin Flame story has been one of intricacy and adventure. If you are not up to speed with my twin flame journey, please refer to the article entitled, ‘5 things that I have learnt on my twin flame journey’.

Recently, I have decided to let go of my Twin Flame. It has not been an easy decision but it felt like the best thing to do because of these 3 things: 

1. I deserve to be in peace.

To me, nothing should ever cost you your peace and, if it does, you must let it go. The relationship between my Twin Flame and I had become costly of my peace. You see, in my hopes and aspirations of being with him, I forgot one thing: that life is happening now. Life doesn’t happen tomorrow, next week or next year. Life is happening now. While I was waiting for what psychics had told me would happen to occur, my anxiety levels started to rise. I started to become impatient and asked myself, how come it hasn’t happened yet? I gave up a relationship and time to be with him and it hasn’t turned out how I wanted it to. Why?

In all fair honesty, I am not sure why it hasn’t happened but I do know one thing. Each day is too precious to spend worrying about someone who isn’t in my life. So, to honour peace and the present moment, I have chosen to release him from my life.

2. I trust The Universe.

Every time that I forget, I am reminded that The Universe has my back. The Universe has all of our backs, we just have to allow The Universe to take care of us. I am a go-getter and I like things to be in order; however, with the order of The Universe, my sense of control can sometimes get in the way. There is no better path than the one that God has for me and, when things become too much for me to handle, I must release it.

I’m not sure why God sent me all these signs about my twin flame and why I still feel like he and I aren’t meant for each but, something that I do know is that I trust God. Fully and completely. So, as I honour this trust, I release him. I release him so that I can get out of my own way.

3. The path that he is on is one that is different to the one that I want to be on.

As I have mentioned before, he is a DJ/ Producer and I have an internal battle with his lifestyle. That lifestyle is one that I used to be a part of when I was younger. Being a part of that lifestyle cost me a lot: my peace, my self worth and my truth. I’m not sure why he continues to be a part of that lifestyle but, one thing that I do know is that the path that I am on now is a lot healthier than the one that I was on before.

I see my Twin Flame and I on two different paths. One is not better than the other; however, I have done too much internal work to go back to how I used to live. Three years ago, I prayed that I only want to be in relationships that bring me closer to God and enlightenment. This relationship between him and I doesn’t appear to be one that does so. Therefore, it is time to release him and it. He is a wonderful, kind-hearted, beautiful and kind man and I love him. With all the love that I have for him, I forgive him and I let him go. I hope that he is loved the way that he deserves to be loved without me forcing him to be different or change who he is and how he chooses to spend his time.