Bridgett Ane Goddard is most certainly inspiring!

What a pleasure it was when I met Bridgett Ane! We were both in teacher-training at The Lighthouse Yoga School. 

Her passion for yoga is evident in her postures, which seem so effortless and seamless. Her knowledge and care is infectious and inspiring! 





1. How long have you been teaching?

Since 2005


2. What motivated you to start teaching and what have you learnt from teaching?


I was asked to teach a series of private sessions for Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams - and very nervous but also happy my yoga school owners believed in me enough to have me teach Destiny’s Child. Over the years, I have learned how we are all uniquely the same, ultimately working toward balance and doing the best we can. I’ve become a more patient person, more forgiving, more accepting and continue to learn new ways to LOVE.

3. What is something that you have learnt from a fellow teacher?

Jared McCann taught me to let go of everything, holding faith that with practice all is coming and with more frequent, creative & diverse practice I experience much more joy and fun in both my practice and personal life.  


4. How many times a week do you practice? 

I practice 6-7 days a week. At least a little bit every day makes me feel better! I practice Hot Yoga 3-4 times a week, Vinyasa 2-3 times a week usually but sometimes more or sometimes less. 


5. Who inspires your practice?

The students I teach, the teachers who teach me and our fellow yogis around the world - so many people & places to receive inspiration!


6. Has yoga helped you through something painful? If so, what and how?

Yes, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in 2008 - it’s usually unheard of but doctors are now saying as many as 12 million people are suffering from Interstitial Cystitis - so many people and such little awareness! The pain I was suffering was coming in waves and knocking me flat out every 30 days or so and sometimes for as long as 3 weeks at a time.  I took a break from yoga at first as I was so scared my practice was worsening my symptoms but that was not the case.  When I drew up enough courage to get back in the hotbox, I had no choice but to take it super easy and was delighted to find myself more flexible and not surprised to find my strength and stamina lessened.  While my physical strength was missing, I tapped into more mental strength and determination.  There is great power in practicing self-control and yoga helped me tap into my mind in this way and it became easier to make better dietary choices.  I was on a strict diet for two years and lost a lot of weight but then I gradually gained and returned to my ideal weight.  A huge part of my healing was realising the necessity of drinking high quality water as well as supplementing with key & trace minerals.  Practicing yoga in the hot room lessened my inflammation and helped me realise how negative self-talk was exacerbating my suffering.  I learned though yoga to express gratitude, even for the pain. As, it made me slow down and relax more deeply in my mind and body, to be more accepting, forgiving and practice faith in myself, my health, wellbeing and yoga practice. I decided not to take any medication for my condition, having spoken to several women who’d been on the meds for years and had all kinds of additional medications to deal with all the terrible side effects of the drugs doctors suggest for it. Yoga is the best medicine in the world; it helped me stay open and receptive to natural healing alternatives and utilise my self-control to maintain a balanced and healthy life. 

7. Why is it necessary for you to practice?

Yoga practice is necessary for me so to ensure I am the best version of myself.  I am so grateful to (without medication) be able to reduce inflammation, flush out my organs, stimulate and regulate hormones & biochemicals in my body and brain so I feel more relaxed and happy in my life.  When I practice yoga, I look younger and feel better.  It’s SO simple! 

8. What message do you like to spread through teaching?

That we have infinite potential within us all and that through yoga practice we ultimately realise this to be true and are able to make a real difference in the world around us and help each other move toward balance more gracefully. 

         9. Where are you currently teaching?

In the UK, Yoga in the Lanes in Brighton, Hot Yoga Society & Bikram Yoga London.


10. What are the best ways that you have learnt of approaching studios that you would like to teach at?


Show up!  The best way is to be present, take a class, introduce yourself to the teacher before and express gratitude after - to be open, friendly and persistent. 

              11. What is your Instagram, Twitter           and Facebook name?

bridgettane on IG - no Tweets for me - FB Yoga in the Lanes and/or Bridgett Ane Goddard


12. Is Social Media easy or challenging for you?

Social Media can be fun and easy when I use it more for creative and/or personal expression/connection but when using it for business, I find it a bit more challenging.