Garrett Steagall inspires us!

I was first in the presence of Garrett in a yoga class that we took together. He moved through the asanas as though he was dancing to the rhythm of his heart.  



Luckily, I ended up taking his class the following week and can whole-heartedly say that his heart is in teaching too. 

He shares his yoga journey with us. So inspiring!


How long have you been teaching? 

I have been teaching yoga for 8 years.


2. What motivated you to start?

What have you learnt from teaching? 

I’ve learned that we must take our time! Everybody wants the results so fast. YOGA has taught me to embrace the process and enjoy journey. If you practice consistently and take your time the body will begin to open up. You will start to witness change in the physical and mental body but also the in your everyday life. 

I’ve learned that when we bring our attention and awareness to our  “Breath”, we begin to discover the power and possibilities of the mind and body. I’ve learned that when we focus on the breath, we begin to still the fluctuations of the mind, quieting the chatter in the mind.


3. What is something that you have learnt from a fellow teacher?

My mentor Ka-Ron Lehman Brown inspired and introduced me to Yoga during my sophomore year in high-school. The curiosity to explore the power of the mind, body, breath connection. 


4. How many times a week do you practice?

I practice at least 5 times a week.


5. Who inspires your practice?

My students inspire my practice.


6. Has yoga helped you through something painful? If so, what and how?

Yoga has helped me get thorough my grandfathers passing earlier this year. Yoga has helped me manage my emotions and to understand that we, humans, must learn to detach ourselves from “things” including people. We all want to hold on but at some point we have to let go. Let go and believe greater is coming and that death is apart of the circle of life.

7. Why is it necessary for you to practice?

It’s necessary that I practice yoga because it keeps me balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally. When I am balanced, I am happy :-).I practice yoga because it is my duty to continue to empower, promote and uplift the world through the yogic experience.

8. What message do you like to spread through teaching?

I encourage my students to live in optimum health physically, mentally and spiritually. I encourage my students to slow down and be patient. Yoga is a lifetime experience. Don’t rush, take your time. We must be mindful and patient with ourselves. With continued practice, all will come.

9. Where are you currently teaching?

Hot Spot Yoga in Sheepshead Bay,

Hot Spot yoga Williamsburg

Yoga Tribe Brooklyn in Park slope

Family of Light Holistic Center

10. What are the best ways that you have learnt of approaching studios that you would like to teach at?

I've learned that it is best to go and take class at the studio you want to teach at and learn about the studio and their method and how they operate their studio. Get involved, see if the energy is right for you. It’s all about the energy.

11. What is your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook name?

Instagram @Gstegs & @YogiG Twitter: GstegsFaceBook: Garrett H.T Steagall FaceBook: Steagall Arts

12. Is Social Media easy or challenging for you?

Social media is easy however it has its challenges! You have to stay relevant, make consistent post and updates so that your viewers stay connected with what you’re doing. You have to create new material for people to see. You have to expose “YOURSELF” so everyone can see.