Meet Yogi and teacher, Natalie Jones

1. How long have you been teaching?

I've been teaching yoga for 5 years and hot Pilates for just under a year.


2. What motivated you to teach and what did you learn from teaching?

After a year of practicing I knew yoga would always be a part of my life. As I continued to practice I found myself fantasizing about teaching and wanting to further my understanding of what I was dedicating so much of my time and energy to. My yoga teachers and my yoga practice impacted my life in such a profound way, I knew sharing that experience with others would be both exciting and fulfilling. As for Inferno Hot Pilates, I fell instantly in love as I had with Bikram yoga, and knew that I would have a blast teaching. Soon I will be certified to teach Bollywood dance, so I think the pattern is: I find a fitness practice I love, then I get certified! Lol

I've learned so much from teaching, geez where to begin? There's a fine balance between telling students what they need to hear but don't always want to hear, and creating a safe, nurturing space. I've found that most people just want to be told what to do, they want to be able to shut off their brain when they enter the room. That's also easier said than done, and you have to meet people where they are. Tough love, if you will. 


3. How many times a week do you practice?

I practice 5 times a week on average. I would practice 9 times if time allowed! 


4. Who inspires your practice?

My fellow teachers and students, as well as my mentors in New England who inspired me to become a teacher. My husband and fellow yoga instructor, Will, inspires and motivates me with his own continued practice and thirst for more and more knowledge. 


5. Why is it necessary to practice?

It is most necessary to practice for overall health, physically as well as mentally. Many students have told me their yoga is better than therapy, and I'v seen countless people heal injuries and ailments through Bikram yoga. THIS STUFF WORKS! You just gotta show up. 


6. What message do you like to spread through teaching?

That letting go and and slowing down are extremely important in our crazy, fast paced world. Finding and practicing stillness is crucial if one wants to create peace and overall health in their life. We can accomplish this through a physical practice such as yoga or Pilates. We have to move and blow off steam before we can truly be still. This is how true transformation takes place. 


7. Where are you currently teaching?

YO BK in Williamsburg and Bikram Yoga Brooklyn in Brooklyn Heights.