A letter to someone who just started teaching yoga.


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Dear Yogi,

Yes, you are still a Yogi. I completely understand if you feel alone and as though you are not worthy of being a teacher. But, you spent so much time on making an effort. So, why not just go for it?

When I started teaching, I had a deep need to please other people. I felt like my worth came from caring what others thought and felt about me. Teaching quickly cured me of that disease. I learnt that I could focus on the one or two people who don’t like my class as opposed to the thirty others who have shown up to my class and, are present.

I made a choice to be present for myself and those who trust me to guide them through their practice. Which, now I carry through to the rest of my life: relationships, career and lifestyle- I have clear boundaries and don’t dwell on the negative.

It’s time for you to figure out what your lesson is that you have to learn on your process to becoming a great teacher and better person.

A great teacher is one who is always learning, growing and healing. You are more relatable and people will reveal their true selves to you more if you are open and humble as opposed to uptight and a know-it-all.

Because anything that you ask of others, you must ask of yourself too. Hypocrisy has no place in the yoga community. Students will not trust you if you don’t practice what you preach. And, trust is the first step to becoming a good teacher.

Your teaching journey is a journey, not a destination. It might not be exactly how you thought it would be. But, you have a responsibility to teach and being allowed to be a part of someone’s journey is a gift that is worth cherishing.