Excerpt from When? By Hali Tsotetsi


 Day 2

When will I stop drinking?

Today is day 2 of my thirty- day yoga challenge. I didn’t drink yesterday for the first time in a few years. Maybe I should stop drinking? No! I love my wine and cocktails way too much but something is calling me to stop poisoning my body. I don’t feel good when I drink and today I could enjoy my morning without having a hangover and feeling embarrassed about the way that I behaved the night before, something that has become second nature to me. For the first time since I was a teenager, my cup of tea tasted creamy and delicious, my oatmeal tasted like more than food, it spoilt my mouth with its rich texture. I’ve never been able to appreciate food like this. I am not anxiously waiting for the chance to have a drink at work, the drink that I would spend the day thinking about having. Drinking became my friend. When the people in my life judged me, drinking understood and empathized with me”

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Hali Tsotetsi