Amandla: Unleash your inner-power


Join Hali Tsotetsi and Garrett Steagall on a 5-day and 4-night retreat in Cape Town South Africa. From February 4th-February9th, 2019.



1. Why is practicing yoga so important you you?

Yoga brings me back to myself. It allows my feet to touch the ground and walk knowing that I am on a journey worth walking in. Yoga means union and solidifies the union with me and God, me and The Universe, me and The Earth, me and other people, me and animals and, me and myself.

2. What does yoga mean, to you?

Union. Embracing peace in its many forms. 

3. How do you guide your students through their yoga practice?

With discipline, love and compassion. Anatomy is important to me but I also acknowledge that everyone’s body is different.

4. Why are you most excited about going to South Africa?
I am South African and our history makes me so proud. We have survived. We have survived African domination, European domination and Neo- Colonialist domination. If you ever visit South Africa, the streets are alive with love and hope. People genuinely smile when they say hi and we don’t hold onto un-necessary issues. Our history has forced us to forgive.

5. What do you want to promote by going there?

Inner-power is important and always possible.

6. Who is going to benefit from this retreat?

Anyone who is seeking a journey back to their inner truth. Your personal truth is powerful.

7. How do your nutrition sessions help you teach about power?

As someone who has suffered from eating disorders and terminal anemia, I know the power of nutrition. Like the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’ meaning that what you eat has an effect on what you think, how you think, your efficiency and overall wellbeing.