‘I am learning that movement is medicine.’


Stephanie Acosta is a yoga teacher based in New York City. 


1. What style of yoga do you teach?

I teach Vinyasa, Hot Traditional, Buti Yoga, Yin & Kids Yoga

2. What is your intention behind teaching?

 I really just like to get people out of their heads and more into their bodies. Get them to feel more comfortable with themselves.

3. Who are your mentors in yoga?

Alena Wertalik, Phil Lanzetta, Nikki Carter, Jacob Lacopo, Audrey Lane

4. What have they taught you?

Collectively they have taught me so much about myself. I was not comfortable with my body before becoming a yoga teacher but they have taught me compassion. They’ve taught me so much about body awareness and taught me how to love myself. They all saw something in me before I saw it, like they knew something was in me and waiting to come out. It’s so much more than the asana practice because they are incredibly knowledgeable and I have learned so much from them. 

5. Please mention a book that you have read about yoga that has had a positive impact on you? 

Yoga bug and Good Night Yoga are kids books that I bought for my daughter when she was a year old. I was mesmerized at how much she loved them. She’s 4 years old now and loves Yoga. She has a library full of Yoga books that keep her busy. I love that she’s started yoga at an early age its something I wish i would have had the opportunity to do.

6. What lesson are you currently learning in your Asana practice?

I am learning that Movement is Medicine. That moving your body is so powerful. Especially with practicing Buti Yoga, where we are constantly moving and really don’t have time to second guess it. Focusing on what it feels like rather than what it looks like.

7. How often do you practice?

Everyday for the most part, on and off my mat. 

8. How do you implement the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life other than Asana?

I start with being kind with how I talk to myself. Also being mindful of my speech: the opposite of stealing is giving so I try and give as much as I can, whether it be my time, listening with intent and just not expecting something back in return. Treating myself and others with respect & dignity.

9. Why is being present so important to you?

Because it keeps me focused on the now. We can’t do anything about the past but staying present can help me direct the future.

10. How can we keep up with you on social media? What is your IG handle and/ FB name?

You find me on IG: @StephanieAcostaYoga

FB: Stephanie Acosta Yoga