‘Yoga is basically in everything.’

Natascha Henderson is a Yoga teacher based in Germany.

Natascha Henderson is a Yoga teacher based in Germany.

1. What style of yoga do you teach? I did my teacher training in Satyananda Yoga but have been influenced by many styles of yoga over the years and more or less created my own nuance based on classical hatha yoga.

2. What is your intention behind teaching? Yoga has given me so much - psychologically, physically, emotionally. Being so filled by this gives me an inner drive to share it. 

3. Who are your mentors in yoga? Heinz Grill has had a big impact on me - more the pictures of his asanas which expressed the way I feel in yoga. Patanjali, of course, mainly yoga itself- the practice itself is the greatest guru for me.

4. What have they taught you? Patience, precision, surrender and love.

5. Please mention a book that you have read about yoga that has had a positive impact on you? The Yoga Sutras

6. What lesson are you currently learning in your Asana practice? I´m leaning/relearning to trust in life.

7. How often do you practice? Everyday.

8. How do you implement the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life other than Asana? Yoga is basically in everything. I think if you´ve practiced most of your life, you find it becomes interwoven in your life.

9. Why is being present so important to you?  Because it is the difference between existing and living.

10. How can we keep up with you on social media? What is your IG handle and/ FB name? my IG name is @natascha_yoga.