To my high school bullies, this is why I forgive you.

I  hated school. I absolutely hated it. I hated getting up five mornings of the week to hear a bell, to learn some things that I mostly wasn't interested in and to hear a few teachers tell me that I wasn't going to succeed at anything in my life. 

I did have some wonderful teachers and, for the most part, a healthy school environment. However, I found that having to see some of the people who bullied me- including some teachers- everyday angered me. 

I spent a lot of time actively being angry because when I voiced my opinions, it wasn't always received well. 

Well, bullies, this one is for you. These are the reasons why I forgive you and I send you love:

1. My life doesn't belong to you. 

The past has been left in the past and, it is important to acknowledge that. If I held on to what has been done to me, I would never progress. My life is in my (and the creator's) hands- not yours. I can't keep repeating how you have treated me in my head because my life is mine- not yours. You don't get that much power over me. 

2. I understand you. 

Now that I am an adult, I can see that only hurt people can hurt others. I understand that to have continuously hurt another, you were not well. In order to heal this world, I cannot hold any resentments against you because you didn't know the outcome of your behaviour and so I forgive you. 

3. Any hate that I feel for you is wasted. 

Like Ghandi said, 'An eye for an eye leaves the world blind.' If I plot and scheme against you, I contribute to the problem not the solution. It is challenging to send you love because of our past but sending love always feels better than hating. 

4. You helped me and I am grateful. 

I spent many years wishing that you didn't exist but the truth is that you do. And, your behaviour toward me has strengthened me. So instead of wishing you ill and regretting the day that you were born, I am grateful because you helped me deal with the many critics that I have encountered in my life after you. Because if I could deal with you, when I was the most vulnerable, the critics are merely ashes compared to your fire.







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