4 tips to ease your financial worries

I don't know about you but sometimes budgeting can be a real pain. It's so easy to feel like you are losing control of where your money is going. Which is understandable, as we pay a lot of taxes and living- particularly in cites- can be expensive.

Here are some tips that have been passed onto me that I would like to share with you:

1. Limit the amount of coffees/teas that you buy in a week.

Sometimes, numbers can overwhelm us. For example, when we save up for a trip over a few months, we get overwhelmed by a big number. However, if you replace an item and don't think about the money, you will be surprised by how much money you are able to save. A cup of coffee is approximately $3-$4, having one everyday is $21-28 a week, right? How about reducing it to once and saving $18-$24 a week. Which, could save you $1344. Thus could cover transit for your year.

2. Cool your own food.

Following the same principles as limiting your coffees and teas, limit the amount of times that you eat out- that includes take out. A $10 five-times a day can lead to $2400 a year. Which could pay your health insurance or other bills that seem exorbitantly expensive.

3. Throw house and park parties.

Truth be told, going out and hanging at bars and clubs can be expensive. If you go out and spend $50 five-times-a-week on restaurants, bars and clubs, it could save you almost $10 000 annually to throw parties where you bring your own drinks and you still get to hang out with your friends. Remember, a simple $12 drink can turn into a night of $50. When you're socializing, it's rarely ever just one drink, so spend quality time with friends while you save money.

4. Use coupons and deals.

I am a huge Wholefoods fan; however, it can be expensive to shop there. In fact, a friend of mine referred to it as WholePaychecks. Eating healthily can be way more expensive, so it is important to look out for saves and coupons that can save you $1 or more per item. Imagine! $1 off an item from 20 items could save you $20 every time you shop.

Image by Getty images

Image by Getty images