5 quotes to inspire and motivate you.

I am in love with quotes. When I started practicing yoga, I would practice at a yoga studio that ended with yoga quotes and I would carry those quotes with me.


So, in honour of how much I love quotes, I would like to share 5 quotes that have helped me through difficulties:


1. 'Behind rejection is God's protection and redirection' Anon


It's so true. The reason why it's true is if things are not working in a relationship, work venture or any other situation- feeling like the effort that put forward is a waste, that's because it is. If things are meant to be, they will be. If someone leaves you, make space for someone who wants to be with you. If you get fired, get prepared for a job that is eager to hire you. It will happen.


2.' Why should I be unhappy? All of my being is in full bloom' Rumi


This quote refers to gratitude. Sometimes we dwell on things that aren't going right. I found myself recently fixated on needing to make a certain amount of money and wasn't looking at the blessings in my life.Whatever it may be in your life, look at what is going well! You're alive, you can breathe! Whatever is working for you, let it work with you to make the most of today!


3. 'Just do right' Maya Angelou


In an episode of Oprah's Masterclass, she explained this quote by saying that being a good person provides you protection and people's love- which is so true. When we are good and kind-hearted people, we feel good about what we are doing in this world and we tend to treat everything that we do with more care and we hold ourselves up better. Keep righteousness in your heart and let it elevate your moral compass and value as a human being.


4. 'Your life is a message to the world. Write something inspiring' Beyoncé


We forget sometimes that our lives are meant to be lived for good and for/with purpose. We have been given the gift of life to use it to our advantage and, I believe, to leave this world with a print of all things good that we are able to see offer. Whether it is through art, science, writing or speech, spread your inspirational message everyday that you can.


5. 'Refuse to fail' Iyanla VanZant.


Inside all of us, there is determination. It's survival. If you are familiar with chakras, it's the first chakra/ the root chakra. We have a tendency to take survival for granted as our needs for survival have changed. Our ancestors form of survival was food, water and light. It may still be like that for some; however, for most of us who are grateful to have all these essentials already, it's time to elevate our idea of failure. Refusing to fail might mean not allowing people to get the best of us with nasty comments, it might mean getting out of credit card debt or it might mean getting out of bed after a terrible break-up. But please please please, 'Refuse to fail'