5 tips to help you get back to working out.


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As a health coach, I completely understand falling out of workout routines, as well as diets. Getting back into regimens can feel overwhelming as deep down we all fear failing.


Let's focus on exercise this week. There are tips that can help you get back into a workout regime without anxiety and fear that you fall back into not working out again.


1. Be honest with yourself.


Truthfully, I don't like the gym and I just won't go to it. But I exercise in other ways. It took me a while to realize that I didn't like the gym and when I did, I found other ways to exercise that were fun to me. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something that you really dislike doing.


2. Find a fun exercise for you.


Which brings me to my second point, life is meant to be fun- including exercise. I love yoga; however, I found myself bored and decided to switch up a few days with Pilates. We live in a world of so many exercises and workouts, find one that you can enjoy and don't limit yourself, enjoy and explore!


3. Let go of needing to be perfect on your first day.


Working out is a journey and, just like with other journeys, we start off wanting to be perfect. The problem with this is that nothing is perfect and once you discover that, you can start to enjoy your workout as you decide to no longer judge and limit yourself. We all have our 'First-days' or 'First-days back', they have to happen in order for us to improve and get stronger.


4. Aim for 3-4 times a week.


Sometimes guilt leads us to overestimate how much we should be working out. However, when we overestimate our workout routines, we tend to fall behind because the routine becomes this big dramatic thing that we need to conquer, often leading to mental defeat. Help yourself get back in the game by easing into your routine a few days a week and slowly add a day after a month. You'll find that it will be so natural that you won't need to force yourself to workout overtime, it will happen naturally.


5. Support yourself.


I had a client that had developed a nasty way of speaking to herself to get back into working out. She would call herself nasty names in a way to force herself to exercise. Together, we broke her of this pattern and she has learnt to support herself. Which has been more beneficial. Please speak to yourselves with love and support, it cultivates positive energy and anything that you do with positivity already becomes more fun.