3 non-toxic makeup companies that we recommend.

Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

With cancer, skin disorders and respiratory illnesses on the increase, it is important for us to be careful with what goes on our skin.


Extensive research has been done in Europe about toxins in beauty products that affect our health. For example, The EU banned any form of parabens due to the correlation between certain cancers and parabens.


In The US, we do not have the same banning principles as Europe unfortunately. However, this gives us a chance to use our buying power. Read labels and go for products that are known for being non-toxic.


I know that it may be different to differentiate what is safe and what isn't. So I came up with a list of companies that you can trust:


1. Honest Beauty


After much hesitation, I switched over to Honest Beauty. Although I am not crazy about their skin oils and facial products, I absolutely love their cosmetics. On their website, they have a list of 1200 toxic-chemicals that they will not use- which is very helpful. It is inexpensive and, because it isn't toxic, provides the skin with benefits. The foundation doesn't feel like it was put on the skin, it blends naturally.


2. Josie Maran Cosmetics


Josie Maran has created a line of makeup with the help of organic and botanicals- that nourish the skin. Her line is clean and uses few ingredients, which I am a fan of. I am also a fan of the fact that this was created by a woman for women. Her line is available at Sephora.


3. 100% pure


This Cosmetic line is very intelligent. Also organic and the foundation is light. They offer a full range of makeup, which also uses botanicals. They also infuse their products with other antioxidant-rich products like teas and fruit. The line is fun, clean and... pure.


*Google any of their names for more information*