10 reasons why I love my body


I am an advocate for love and the best way to spread love is to recognize the love within ourselves.


After many years of suffering from anorexia, bulimia and yo-yo dieting, I found love within myself and I healed myself of many years of thinking that I was fat and not enough. It's been 7 years since I released my negative and unhealthy eating patterns.


What really helps me is reminding myself of why I love my body.


Here are the reasons why:


1. My body is a blessing.


2. I am grateful for this magic machine that is in tune with The Universe.


3. My body is always patient with me.


4. My body listens to me.


5. My body works with me.


6. Despite what my body looks like, it is designed to help me be the best me.


7. My body speaks to me, it tells me what I should and shouldn't put in it.


8. My body is unique.


9. My body always gives me second chance to repair and restore.


10. My body is enough! Sure, I want it to be at it's healthiest but so does it.