What I wish I'd known in my first two years of teaching yoga


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When I started teaching yoga, I was full of fear. I feared so many things. I feared what the students would think of me, if I would run over time and I also feared if I was worth being a teacher.


All of my fears seemed valid at the time; however, I decided that they would not stop me. Along the way, I have learnt a few lessons which I would like to share with all the teachers who have potential but are not sure where to start or wondering if they should teach at all.


1. Believe in yourself


My mentor in my first teacher-training told me to just believe in myself. I am so grateful that I heard this and I am passing it into you. I pass it onto you because sometimes we need to be told that it's okay to believe in ourselves. Self-belief is not arrogance or being full of yourself. It merely means that you feel confident doing what you love. What is so wrong with that?


2. Know what you are talking about.


As someone who has practiced yoga for many years, I get disappointed in class when I hear a teacher speak inaccurately about anatomy. Sure, we are not doctors but students are still trusting us with their bodies. With trust comes responsibility. As teachers, we should know what we are talking about. There is so much information out there to not know what you are talking about as a teacher.


3. Love what you do.


Yoga is about breath, yes! But, it is also about energy. If you are being forced to teach and are not into that class, your students will notice. A yoga class is a dialogue of words and energy. If you are not into it, your students will pick up on it. Think back to your favourite teacher growing up, they loved what they did and that passion was infectious. Imagine how your love for yoga can be infectious to someone else?


4. Read, read and read some more.


Yoga has been around for almost 5000 years or more. You might have passed a teacher-training that was very informative; however, there is not enough that one can learn. As modern scientists have began to study yoga too, we are discovering new information on the body's anatomy. So, don't look at your teacher-training as an end, it is the beginning to and unfolding journey that can be eternal.


5. Keep it light and fun


Yes, yoga is serious but not that serious. Your students will stay dedicated to you if you also keep it fun. As I mentioned before about energy being important, there is no need to keep it heavy and down. Compliment your students and make them feel like they are doing well because ultimately, they are. 



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