5 ways to love yourself more


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With all of the recent research backing it up, it has become very evident that self-love is just as important, or more important, as loving someone else that you care about.


In order to give love, you have to know and understand it first. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, ‘You cannot give what you don’t already have’.


Here are some little ways that you can love yourself:


  1. Tell yourself you are amazing

We sometimes confuse complimenting ourselves with being egotistical or a narcissist. However, I am a firm-believer in treating yourself as your friend. Just as you would compliment your friend, compliment yourself when you look in the mirror. It’s nice to know that someone, even if it is yourself, thinks that you are lovable and worthy.


2. Practice forgiveness


I say ‘practice’ because it really is a practice. Just like we practice yoga, a sport or dance, forgiveness requires practice because we won’t always get it right. We are human and it is easy for memories of anger and frustration to come over us. However, practice makes perfect- one day. Forgive for yourself, not for them. Freeing you up to enjoy your life and live today to it’s fullest; without the cloud of negativity hanging over you.


3. Be you


If you were meant to be someone else, you would be that someone. You are you for a reason. Embrace it and accept everything about yourself. Accept your curly hair, accept that you can be petty sometimes and accept that you aren’t where you want to be in your life right now. Once you accept yourself, you no longer have to fight yourself and it becomes easier to love yourself.


4. Reward yourself


When I was younger, I often felt unworthy of anything that I received. I would mindlessly spend money when I was stressed and wonder what happened to my money the day after shopping. I have since developed a strategy where I reward myself for little things that I have accomplished. I recommend doing this for yourself. If you finished studying that chapter that seemed like it would never end? Maybe buy yourself a lipstick or cologne? Got through a tough day at work? Maybe take yourself to a movie? Tried a new spinning class that you felt was challenging? Maybe treat yourself to a delicious dessert. You are doing this thing called life well, remember that!


5. Use the mirror for you, not against you.


I teach and practice hot yoga almost everyday. If you are unfamiliar with it, the practitioner is meant to stand in front of the mirror for their alignment. As a yoga teacher, I often see students judging themselves- which can be easy to do; however, it can bring us negativity and ultimately, bring us down. Use the mirror in your favour by saying things like, ‘You are enough’ as opposed to being harsh on yourself. You can either be your bully or your best friend.