‘How do I embrace this new love safely?’


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Dear Hali,

Meditation seems so hard for me. I’ve tried so many of them but I still find it so hard to be still. I’ve been meditation for the past three months and get so frustrated with myself. Please help!

Love Gabby,

Hi Gabby,

Hope you are well!

Yes! Meditation can be a lot for the mind. Particularly because we are so used to letting our mind run our lives but I can guarantee you that meditation gets easier with practice and with time. I highly recommend being patient with your body and mind. Also, please keep in mind that meditating is a journey, there is no end result. You don’t need to jump to the finish line. It’s all about embracing the moment, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be. I also recommend starting with short meditations so that your mind has less of a reason to freak out or be intimidated.

Love Hali,

Dear Hali,

I have met someone that I am interested in. Both of us have expressed interest; however, I am afraid of embracing him because of my past. I have dated a lot of abusive men who made me feel less than. I’m afraid that I will end up like I did before. How do I embrace this new love safely?

All yours,


Hi Lucy,

Hope you are well!

Ah, yes! I feel like The Universe always sends us what we need to hear. I, too, have met someone who I am interested in. This man is everything that I have ever wanted and it’s nerve-wracking knowing that the feeling might not be reciprocated. I honestly was battling with it lately and was wondering if it was worth giving a chance but I came to the conclusion that love is always worth giving a chance. Looking back at my past relationships, I don’t regret giving or receiving love. Love is always worth it because on the other end is either a partnership with someone who is worthy or a lesson that is worth learning. So, I have decided to embrace this new love and love him as though I have never been hurt because we all deserve that. He doesn’t deserve my past hurt. He deserves the best version of me, that has forgiven and healed. My past hurt is not getting in the way of a beautiful future and, neither should yours.

Hope this helps <3