What I am grateful for!


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Gratitude is an important practice. It allows for abundance and allows us to trust The Higher Being. It also allows us to have faith and take ourselves out of worry, panic and anxiety because you can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time.

Like Oprah Winfrey has said, ‘I got everything because I practiced gratitude’

Here are 12 things that I am grateful for:

1. Love

We come from it and are made up of it. Love is the most powerful energy circulating around and through us. I am grateful for the chance to love myself, those around me and the nature that I see around me.

2. The Creator

Whether you believe in God, The Universe or another word for it, it is apparent that there is a source that has created us and guides us in the right direction. I have been placed in some of the most dangerous, hurtful or precarious situations and have always found a way out. I am grateful to The Creator for this.

3. The signs sent by The Divine

There are signs all around us. One of my most vivid signs happened to me when I was 23 and I was almost arrested, I began to pray and 3 people appeared to help me out. Signs are sent to us for us to become greater beings and I am grateful for them.

4. My family

They have taught me so much, mostly unconditional love. When I have thought that I wasn’t worthy of love, my family proved that to be different.

5. Previous heartbreak

The first time that I experienced true heartbreak, I wasn’t so grateful for it. However, ten years later, I am grateful for it. Although it happened in the most hurtful way, I learnt, am stronger and won’t put my self in that situation again. I am grateful.

6. Yoga

Yoga has allowed me to internally transform into the person that I want to be. A person filled with love, gratitude and an understanding of other people. Yoga has helped me see the trueness of people and accept all aspects of others and myself. Yoga has helped me progress step-by-step. I am grateful.

7. SoulCycle

Have you been to a class? What is there not to be grateful for?

8. Meditation

I have the ability to start and end my day afresh. Meditation keeps our vibrations high and in line with our purpose.

9. Challenges and difficulty.

It is in tough moments that what I am made of is truly revealed. And, once it’s done, I feel stronger and know that I am stronger because I have conquered what I thought I wasn’t able to.