10 Inspiring quotes by Hali Tsotetsi.


It’s been just over 2 years since we started  BiologiqueLife. An online magazine that focuses on living organically through love, food, money and success.

In honour of our 2 year celebration, we have compiled 10 quotes from our Editor-in-Chief, Hali Tsotetsi.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes by Hali Tsotetsi.

1. ‘Sometimes “Thank you” is closure.

2. ‘Ease up your loved one's day by giving them your smile.’

3. ‘There's a reason why all of us are born as the people we are.’

4. ‘My intention is to spread love. Sometimes I get it back and sometimes I don't. Regardless of the outcome, I won't miss out on an opportunity to love someone.’

5. ‘There are too many people alive to be stuck with someone that isn't on the same page.’

6. ‘If you want the drama, stay in it! If you don't, let it go’

7. ‘The only way that you can truly spread love to others is by loving yourself first.’

8. ‘The future is something I can actually do something about.’

9. ‘Sometimes the best thing for someone is to tell them “No!”.

10. ‘I would rather be alone than have someone dim my light by making me into what they want. ‘