4 traditional eastern supplements that are great for your health.


Image from Unsplash 


It’s hard to keep up with all the latest benefits of particular supplements. I am a huge fan of traditional eastern medicine and the many benefits that come along with some of the herbs that have been used as supplements for thousands of years.

Here are four supplements that I highly recommend for your health and why:

1. Ginseng.

I highly recommend Ginseng. I take it everyday and it helps me stay alert and active; even when I feel lethargic or tired. This is not a replacement for sleep but can help fight fatigue. I am a huge fan of Korean Ginseng that can be bought online.

2. Oregano.

Another supplement that I take daily is Oregano. Oregano is in the Basil family and is a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal meaning that it helps your body eliminate toxins easier, particularly from your intestines. Oregano has been linked to lowering risks of cancer as well as lowering cholesterol.

3. Ginkgo

The third supplement that I recommend is Gingko. The health benefits range from improved blood circulation to improved brain function and many other benefits. When I take Gingko, I notice an improvement in my mental focus and overall mood. I don’t take this for a long period of time; only during days that I know that I will need more mental focus or feel drained of energy.

4. B12

This supplement is naturally found in particular plants, eggs and most meats. They have recently found out that the body will excrete excess b12 so taking high amounts of it will not cause harm. I take b12 in my electrolytes that I consume daily. Providing me with generally more energy, mental stamina and circulation of minerals and vitamins from my food into the blood stream.