Lower your plastic consumption with these 7 suggestions.


Image by Unsplash 


With over 55 countries that have just banned personal use of plastic, it is up to us (living in countries that have not banned plastic) to make a conscious effort to limit our daily use of products that use plastics.

You might be asking, why is this so important? Being conscious about plastic is important because every single piece of plastic that you have ever used is still on this Earth. It takes up to a thousand years for plastic to biodegrade.

Here are 10 suggestions to apply to your life so that you lower your plastic consumption:

1. Buy a reusable shopping bag made from fabric.

2. Avoid buying iced drinks from coffee shops that don’t recycle.


3. Replace soap gels and shower gels that use plastic containers with soap bars.

4. Re-use takeout containers.

5. Use your own coffee or tea mug (particularly for iced drinks).

6. Replace your plastic with tin or aluminium.

7. Recycle according to each state’s regulations.