20 Things that I am stronger than.


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I am a firm-believer that strength starts with the mind. When you are strong in your mind, it makes it easier to overcome any challenge- whether it be a physical, emotional or mental challenge.

Once we make up our minds to move past somethings, we overcome half the battle.

With that being said, I compiled a list of 20 things that I promise to be stronger than:

1. My fears.

2. My doubts.

3. Anyone else’s projections.

4. Anyone else’s opinion of me.

5. My past.

6. Negative vibes.

7. Society’s limitations.

8. Financial restrictions.

9. A past heartbreak.

10. Taking on someone else’s story.

11. Previous limitations that I have placed on myself.

12. Inauthenticity.

13. Lies.

14. Betrayal.

15. Feeling less than.

16. Feeling inadequate.

17. Someone else’s doubts.

18. Fake friends.

19. Ill-intentions.

20. People who have chosen to be in my life.