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15 Reasons I have learnt to forgive when I didn’t want to.


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I have truly learnt in the past week (post break-up) that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is the one that you want to stay angry at.

*Please read the last two articles in our LOVE section if you are not up to speed.

This past week, I have been focusing on forgiveness so that I can rid myself of toxicity which manifested it’s way into my life through pain. Pain that was inflicted by someone who I used to be with.

Something else that I have learnt is that pain likes to personify itself and if you don’t catch it, it will take on a life of its own. That’s why forgiveness is the best option for me right now:

Here are 15 reasons why forgiveness is so important to me right now:

1. I forgive because toxic habits and thoughts have no place in my mind and my heart.

2. I forgive because life is about progress.

3. I forgive because freedom starts with peace.

4. I forgive because when it’s most difficult to forgive is when I need to.

5. I forgive because I want to see the silver-lining.

6. I forgive because I want to get out of my own way.

7. I forgive because I want to keep my heart open.

8. I forgive because pain goes on for as long as I want it to.

9. I forgive because there is always a bigger picture. I may not understand today but one day, I will.

10. I forgive because sometimes love requires actively leaving the past behind.

11. I forgive because the best way to learn is to become the observer.

12. I forgive because I am done taking things personally.

13. I forgive because my mindset determines how I heal.

14. I forgive because this moment is worth enjoying without the cloud of the past raining on it.

15. I forgive because I refuse to hold on to someone else’s baggage. That is theirs to deal with as I have mine to deal with, too.

The 12 Laws of Karma


The 12 Laws of Karma

The Great Law ~ As you sow, so shall you reap.

The Law of Creation ~ Life doesn't just happen, it requires our participation.

The Law of Humility ~ What you refuse to accept, will keep following you.

The Law of Growth ~ Wherever you go, there you are.

The Law of Responsibility ~ Whenever there is something wrong, we can find that error within our thinking/perception.

The Law of Connection ~ Even if something we do seems inconsequential, it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected.

The Law of Focus ~ You can't think of two things at the same time.

The Law of Giving and Hospitality ~ If you believe something to be true, then sometime in your life you will be called upon to demonstrate that truth.

The Law of Here and Now ~ Looking back to examine what was, prevents us from being totally in the here and now.

The Law of Change ~ History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

The Law of Patience and Reward ~ All Rewards require initial toil. Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.

The Law of Significance and Inspiration ~ You get back from something whatever you've put into it.

referenced: www.oakwoodyoga.co.uk

20 choses que je suis plus fort que


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Je suis fermement convaincu que la force commence par l'esprit. Lorsque vous êtes fort dans votre esprit, il est plus facile de surmonter tout défi, que ce soit un défi physique, émotionnel ou mental.

Une fois que nous avons décidé de dépasser quelque chose, nous avons vaincu la moitié de la bataille.

Cela étant dit, j'ai compilé une liste de 20 choses que je promets d'être plus fortes que:

1. Mes peurs.

2. Mes doutes.

3. Les projections de quelqu'un d'autre.

4. L’opinion de quelqu'un d'autre sur moi.

5. Mon passé.

6. vibrations négatives.

7. Limites de la société.

8. Restrictions financières.

9. Un coeur brisé.

10. Reprendre l’histoire de quelqu'un d’autre.

11. Limitations précédentes que je me suis imposées.

12. Inauthenticité.

13. Mensonge.

14. Trahison.

15. Se sentir moins que.

16. Se sentir inadéquat.

17. Les doutes de quelqu'un d'autre.

18. faux amis.

19. Mauvaises intentions.

20. Les gens qui ont choisi d'être dans ma vie.

20 Things that I am stronger than.


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I am a firm-believer that strength starts with the mind. When you are strong in your mind, it makes it easier to overcome any challenge- whether it be a physical, emotional or mental challenge.

Once we make up our minds to move past somethings, we overcome half the battle.

With that being said, I compiled a list of 20 things that I promise to be stronger than:

1. My fears.

2. My doubts.

3. Anyone else’s projections.

4. Anyone else’s opinion of me.

5. My past.

6. Negative vibes.

7. Society’s limitations.

8. Financial restrictions.

9. A past heartbreak.

10. Taking on someone else’s story.

11. Previous limitations that I have placed on myself.

12. Inauthenticity.

13. Lies.

14. Betrayal.

15. Feeling less than.

16. Feeling inadequate.

17. Someone else’s doubts.

18. Fake friends.

19. Ill-intentions.

20. People who have chosen to be in my life.

What each zodiac sign needs for internal growth.


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Growth is such an important part of life. As a firm-believer in Astrology and the characteristics &traits of each zodiac, it is important to understand how each zodiac is able to grow so that we evolve as human-beings.

*I am not an astrologer but am very knowledgeable about Zodiacs.

This is what each sign needs to make growth happen in their own life:

•Taurus- To accept people and things for how they are.

• Gemini- To think before speaking, sometimes.

• Cancer- To not take everything so personally.

• Leo- To let go of the uncontrollable.

• Virgo- To let go of needing to be perfect.

• Libra- To be okay with people not liking you.

• Scorpio- To be more trusting.

• Sagittarius- To not take everything so lightly.

• Capricorn- To not take everything so seriously.

• Aquarius- To practice compassion sometimes.

• Pisces- To stop playing the victim.

• Aries- To accept that not everyone is out to get you.

4 more things that I learnt about haters

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Whether we would like to admit it or not, there will always be someone hateful in our lives. It might be a friend, a family member, a roommate, a romantic partner, a business partner or even you.

Recently, I learnt a few more things about haters that I would like to share with you:

1. Hurt people hurt people

I found myself recently being a hater towards a Musician/DJ/Producer who would frequent a yoga studio that I used to teach at in Los Angeles. All of the hate that I had accumulated towards men, I had placed on him because it was easy. It was easy to hate a man who publicly isn’t the kindest to woman because he was the biggest target. He has a platform and millions of followers on Instagram. The hateful part of me was jealous that he could spread the message of tearing women down. I found myself saying nasty things about his character until one day, I realized that I didn’t even know him so how can I be so hateful towards him? I was so harsh on him and being harsh leads to hate. Hate is a burden that I don’t want to carry. So, I sent him an apology letter and wish him the best. I needed to look within myself to see what wasn’t healed. He is not responsible for something that other men have done to me. He doesn’t deserve to be the recipient of hate.

2. Not everyone will celebrate you.

Lately, I have come to terms with the fact that not everyone will be happy for my achievements because they don’t have to be. They don’t have to be happy for me. In addition, I have learnt that people who have nothing to celebrate in their own lives are more likely not to celebrate yours. People are dealing with themselves and their own lives, and usually how they feel about you has nothing to do with you. It is an extension of how they feel about themselves.

3. Not everyone wants the best for you.

In an ideal world, everyone is rooting for each other but that is not reality. The world we live in is full of love and light; however, there is hatred and darkness too. All of us make a daily choice of what we will choose to embrace each day and some people choose darkness and hatred. With darkness comes negativity, being mean, lies and wrongdoing. We cannot expect everyone to be at their best or to be rooting for us, we can only expect the best from ourselves. How other people choose to behave is how they have chosen to behave. If they see the light, great! If they don’t, great too! Life goes on.

4. It’s not personally.

Like I said before, people are dealing with themselves and not everyone knows how to overcome incompetence, Ego, self-hatred, betrayal and negativity. Most people will unleash it right onto someone else after it has happened to them. Even some of the most ‘personal’ attacks of hatred are an extension of where that person is at mentally, physically and emotionally, don’t take it personally. Everyone is at a different place in their lives and some are not inclined to be better people. Love them from a distance and let them go, they are not your problem to deal with or you will find yourself taking on someone else’s negativity, hurt and pain.

5 negative behaviours that I refuse to spend time on.


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When I look back on how I've dealt with difficult times in the past, I realize that I've spent a lot of wasted time on negative mindsets that haven't helped me progress. In fact, they did the opposite. I complicated many simple situations by overthinking, analyzing and ignoring signs that were right in front of me.

So I came up with a list of five negative behaviors that I wasted time indulging, and I won't waste time on them again:


1. Believing people who have insulted me.

We live in a wonderful world, but most of us have been hurt. People who have been hurt and cannot move past the hurt will try to hurt others, either intentionally or unintentionally. I've wasted a lot of time believing hurt people's insults, never realizing that people who were ready to insult me were ready to insult others too. Insults are rarely about the person who's being insulted; they're more about the person doing the insulting.


2. Convincing someone to love me.

I wasted time trying to convince a former partner of mine to love me. All that time spent waiting for him to call me back, hinting at him to buy me flowers and waiting for him to see how grateful he should've been to have me could've been spent on someone who genuinely appreciates me. Not only was I wasting time, but I was also subconsciously telling myself that I wasn't worth being loved. Ultimately, every single person is worth being loved.


3. Beating myself up about the past.

Whatever has happened is done. I used to spend a lot of time wanting to change what my behavior in the past. The clock moves forward, and wanting to change what has happened is impossible. All that time spent on looking in the past can be used to help me progress in my future. The future is something I can actually do something about.


4. Judging people on the decisions they've made.

I won't be happy with some people's decisions, and that's OK. I don't have to live with the consequences their own actions — they do. Time spent criticizing and judging someone else's decisions is time truly wasted. That time could have been used to help me progress in my own life. I can't control what others have done with their own lives, so there's no need to judge them based on my expectations and views on life.


5. Excusing selfish behavior.

I once had a friend who behaved in a way that seemed like she thought life was all about her. She would call me or want to see me only when she needed me to be there for her; however, when I asked the same from her, she would disappear. I wasted a lot of time convincing myself that she didn't intend to be selfish, and I excused her behavior because I feared losing a friend. After it all, I did lose her as a friend, and all that time I spent convincing myself that she wasn't being selfish could've been used on appreciating a friend who actually isn't selfish and gives me back what I give them.

Ungazibizi ngokuthi ungumvelo wezemvelo uma wenza lezizinto ezingu-4


isithombe ngemifanekiso ye-getty


Akungabazeki ukuthi sidinga ukuthatha ukunakekela okungaphezulu kwemvelo. Kungakhathaliseki ukuthi uyakholelwa ekushintsheni kwezulu noma cha, kunobuningi besayensi nobufakazi bokuphika ukuthi kukhona ukuguquguquka kwemvelo okuhlobene ngokuqondile nabantu abathintekayo kuyo.

Ngokuphelele, senze umphumela omubi emvelweni futhi sekuyisikhathi esenza ushintsho.

Uma ufuna ngempela ukushiya imvelo kangcono kunalokho owutholile, kunezinto eziningi ongayenza. Ikakhulu lezizinto ezintathu:

1. Phuza ngemifula epulasitiki.

Ama-straws ayenziwe ngepulasitiki futhi, ngokusho kwe-BBC, kusetshenziswe imifino eyi-8.5 billion ngonyaka. Lokho kuyizintambo eziningi! Okwenza izinsiza zibe yingozi kakhulu ukuthi kunzima ukuzihlaziya, ngokwemvelo zikwazi ukubola ngamagciwane. Ukusetshenziselwa nokusetshenziswa ngokweqile kwemifino kunomthelela oselwandle olugcwele umhlaba kanye nezilwane zasendle ezihlala kulezi zilwandle. I-Pollution Pollution Coalition yakhipha isihloko esithi ngonyaka odlule esho ukuthi bathole ama-penguin, ama-turtles nezinye izilwane ezincane zasendle ezigundwe noma ziboshwe yizintambo.

Isixazululo: Sebenzisa ama-straw avuselelwe yensimbi noma ungasebenzisi ama-straws nhlobo.


2.Drayivu yonke indawo

Ngicelwa ukubuza ukuthi kungani ngingenayo imoto ehlala eLos Angeles. Futhi, kimi, ikakhulukazi imvelo. Ngingowesifazane ongashadile futhi angifuni isidingo sokuba nemoto. Ikakhulukazi ngoba ngiyazi imiphumela emibi yokusebenzisa uphethiloli / igesi kwimvelo. Iqala ngenqubo yokuthola nokuhlanza uphethiloli onomthelela oqondile emvelweni njengoba kudala ukungcola komoya. Ukusetshenziswa kwephethiloli ezimotweni zethu kukhishwa imfucumfucu enobuthi emoyeni futhi kudala ukungcola komoya.


Isixazululo: Sebenzisa kuphela imoto yakho uma ikhona noma kuyoba okungenani abantu abathathu emotweni ukunciphisa ukukhishwa kwamathambo anobuthi. Ngaphezu kwalokho, bhala ku-senator yakho noma ephalamende ukuthola esinye isisombululo esisebenzayo sezimoto ongasisebenzisa esikhundleni sephethiloli / igesi njengezimoto ezinamandla asebusuku.


3. Ungabuyeli kabusha.

Ukubuyisela kabusha akuwona umsebenzi womunye umuntu; kungokwakho. Asikwazi ukulindela ukuthi abanye bavuselele futhi lapho sibonile imiphumela yezindleko zokungena komhlaba olwandle kanye nezilwane zasendle. Ukungabi khona kwemfucuza yokubuyisela kabusha kuqoqwe imfucuza ezindaweni eziphilayo. Uma sikwazi ukuphinda sisebenzise kabusha izidakamizwa njengepulasitiki, ikakhulukazi ukuthi singayisebenzisa kabusha futhi siyivimbele ekuthinteni indawo yethu yemvelo nemvelo.

Isixazululo: Buyisela kabusha futhi uhlanganise umquba ngangokunokwenzeka.

4. Thatha imvula isikhathi eside kunemizuzu emihlanu.

Kusobala ukuthi kukhona ukungabi namanzi asebenzisekayo. Ngakho-ke, lapho ngibona abantu bethatha amaminithi angu-10-30 emvula, kuyangidumaza. Isikhungo Sokulawulwa Kwezifo sithi kukhona abantu abayizigidi ezingu-780 abangenazo izinsiza zamanzi ezifanele njengamathrekhi emhlabeni. Impikiswano engiyivame ukuyizwa lapho ngichaza lokhu yilapho efika emadolobheni lokhu okwenzekayo ukwenza umehluko. Kodwa-ke, sabona emadolobheni afana neLos Angeles neKapa ukuthi, ukungabi namanzi kuyinkinga emhlabeni jikelele.

Isixazululo: Yehlisa imvula yakho emizuzwini engu-2-5 ngosuku futhi ugweme ukushiya ithompini isebenza uma ungayisebenzisi.

10 choses que je refuse de déterminer ma valeur.


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Honnêtement parlant, je dois me rappeler chaque jour d'où vient ma valeur. Il est facile de croire que notre valeur est déterminée par ce que nous avons, qui nous date et combien d'argent nous gagnons.

Cependant, nous déterminons notre estime de soi.

Ce sont les 12 choses que je refuse de déterminer ma valeur:

1. Argent.

Parce que l'argent va et vient.

2. Hommes.

Je n'ai pas besoin d'un homme pour m'aimer pour savoir que l'amour existe.

3. Ma couleur de peau.

Que ce soit clair ou sombre. Ma peau mérite d'être appréciée pour tout ce qu'elle fait.

4. Mon genre.

Tout est une question d'égalité.

5. Ma nationalité.

Nous méritons tous d'être traités humainement.

6. Ma couleur de cheveux.

Qu'elle soit naturelle ou teinte, la coiffure est un choix.

7. Mon travail.

Parce que les emplois vont et viennent.

8. Mes échecs.

Il y avait toujours une leçon à y trouver.

9. Mes problèmes.

Les problèmes m'ont appris quelque chose.

10. Matériaux et regards.

Nos âmes sont plus profondes que ce que seul l'œil peut voir.

4 things that I have learnt to accept


I love getting older. I spent so much of my late teens and early twenties feeling insecure, making mistakes and making a fool out of myself. I have no regrets and over those years, I have learnt to accept these four things:

1. Your intuition is real.

Insecurity is often coupled with doubt. When I was younger, I was doubtful about a lot of things regarding who I was and signs related to the path that I should take in my life. If I met people with energy that I felt was needy, disingenuous or mean-spirited, I would cover it up with, ‘Don’t be silly’ or, ‘Maybe I’m exaggerating it?’ However, now I know to accept people and things as they are. Intuition is looking out for me and it whispers today and screams in a few months- I might as well listen to the whispers.

2. No man is worth chasing.
Ridiculously, this took me 5 years in a relationship with a man who was inconsiderate and selfish to realize this. He was the King of playing chess with my emotions. To be frank, I have only made peace with it and him this year. We met when I was 21 and when I was younger, I chased the idea of him as I was under the impression that people in a love-situation are worth fighting for. However, the person that you are in a relationship with should be fighting too; not only you. I know now that if the person you love isn’t putting in the effort like you are, let it go. Being alone is better than crying and agonizing over someone who is playing games with you.

3. Belief is powerful.

Whether it’s self-belief or belief that you will get a job or an apartment, you need to believe in order for it to happen. Belief reminds the universe that you are on the same page and reminds you that you are able. Across all religions and spiritual texts, they reference to the power of belief because belief is the first and most important part in being better and doing better.

4. Not everyone will like you.

This can be painful to accept but once you do, it is very liberating. I’ve never really been a suck-up; however, people not liking me used to bother me. I would need to prove to people that I was worthy. I often tell people the story of when I had someone that didn’t like me take my yoga class a few years ago, she decided in 5 minutes of the class that she didn’t want to take it- so she left. She cursed at me behind the door that I shut after her and complained about me to the girl working front desk that evening. Once she left, I made a decision to let her go because I had over 30 other people in the room. I could focus on her or focus on the people who are enjoying my class- this lesson has transferred to all areas of my life. I no longer have a need to seek approval from people who don’t like me because I am enough, with or without other people’s approval.

10 small acts of kindness that you can practice everyday

Image by Getty images  

Image by Getty images  

The Dalai Lama famously said, "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

Whether you're religious or not, kindness can go a long way toward improving your overall state of mind and sense of happiness. Here are ways that you can practice kindness in your daily lives:

1. Ask your roommate or neighbor how they're doing.

Maybe they need someone to talk to, maybe they feel alone or maybe they just wanted someone to ask them that simple question. It might mean a lot to them.


2. Smile at a cashier or vendor.

When you work long hours interacting with the public, you often come into contact with less-than-pleasant people. A simple smile can improve a worker's day immensely.


3. Tip at least 20%.

If you have the money to go out and have dinner, you can spare a bit extra to leave a decent tip. While money isn't the cure for sadness, an extra couple of bucks might help out with a metro card or a phone bill. You never know when your generosity will be needed.


4. Compliment yourself!

Your love comes from the inside and is shared to others. The only way that you can truly spread love to others is by loving yourself first.


5. Offer a friend an ear just to listen.

Yes, just listen! Your friend might not need to hear what you have to say. They might need you to just sit and listen without judgment or criticism.


6. Move to the side.

There's no need to stand in front of a pathway so that others can't get through. The only thing this action achieves is frustration by those wanting to get past you. If creating frustration is your goal, stand in the way! However, if you want to be kind to others, move to the side and let others pass by.


7. Let someone go ahead of you.

Holding a door open and allowing someone to step ahead of you is a nice reminder that the world doesn't have to revolve around you and where you want to go. It is a simple act of consideration.


8. Use your cellphone considerately.

It's a sad state of affairs when a loved one tries to have a heart-to-heart conversation, only to be met with a distracted, inattentive response. Put your phone away! Have some quality time with your loved ones and surroundings.


9. Let people be!

Judging and criticizing someone unnecessarily can be hurtful for the person who is being judged. Life can be challenging as it is. Why make someone's life harder by adding negativity that doesn't have to be there?


10. Say thank you!

Gratitude is not only for the person you're thanking, but also for the one doing the thanking. Gratitude can remind you how fortunate you have been to have received something that is worth saying thank you to in the first place.

What I am grateful for!


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Gratitude is an important practice. It allows for abundance and allows us to trust The Higher Being. It also allows us to have faith and take ourselves out of worry, panic and anxiety because you can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time.

Like Oprah Winfrey has said, ‘I got everything because I practiced gratitude’

Here are 12 things that I am grateful for:

1. Love

We come from it and are made up of it. Love is the most powerful energy circulating around and through us. I am grateful for the chance to love myself, those around me and the nature that I see around me.

2. The Creator

Whether you believe in God, The Universe or another word for it, it is apparent that there is a source that has created us and guides us in the right direction. I have been placed in some of the most dangerous, hurtful or precarious situations and have always found a way out. I am grateful to The Creator for this.

3. The signs sent by The Divine

There are signs all around us. One of my most vivid signs happened to me when I was 23 and I was almost arrested, I began to pray and 3 people appeared to help me out. Signs are sent to us for us to become greater beings and I am grateful for them.

4. My family

They have taught me so much, mostly unconditional love. When I have thought that I wasn’t worthy of love, my family proved that to be different.

5. Previous heartbreak

The first time that I experienced true heartbreak, I wasn’t so grateful for it. However, ten years later, I am grateful for it. Although it happened in the most hurtful way, I learnt, am stronger and won’t put my self in that situation again. I am grateful.

6. Yoga

Yoga has allowed me to internally transform into the person that I want to be. A person filled with love, gratitude and an understanding of other people. Yoga has helped me see the trueness of people and accept all aspects of others and myself. Yoga has helped me progress step-by-step. I am grateful.

7. SoulCycle

Have you been to a class? What is there not to be grateful for?

8. Meditation

I have the ability to start and end my day afresh. Meditation keeps our vibrations high and in line with our purpose.

9. Challenges and difficulty.

It is in tough moments that what I am made of is truly revealed. And, once it’s done, I feel stronger and know that I am stronger because I have conquered what I thought I wasn’t able to.

4 mots que vous ne devriez pas croire à propos de vous.


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Contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait vous dire, les mots portent le pouvoir. Bien sûr, si quelqu'un vous appelle laide ou est odieux envers vous, vous n'avez pas besoin de passer toute la journée à y penser. Cependant, vous devez être sélectif au sujet de se rappeler comment les gens vous ont adressé.

Si quelqu'un choisit d'utiliser l'un des mots suivants à votre sujet, s'il vous plaît ne le croyez pas.

Voici les mots sont et pourquoi vous ne devriez pas croire quelqu'un s'ils vous appellent ceci:

1. Indigne

Tu es toujours digne. Peu importe la race où vous êtes né, combien vous avez d'argent, qui sont vos parents ou votre profession, vous êtes toujours digne de ce que vous voulez et digne de respect fondamental. Parfois, nous sommes pris dans les cercles sociaux et nous ressentons le besoin de nous ajuster et de nous changer nous-mêmes pour nous adapter. Mais ce n'est pas nécessaire. Vous, inchangé, êtes digne. Ne croyez pas les gens s'ils vous disent le contraire. Votre pouvoir authentique vient de votre être et de votre acceptation.

2. Stupide

J'étais un étudiant D et C au collège et au lycée. Honnêtement, je détestais l'école. Je détestais tout et ne voyais pas l'intérêt d'y aller. La plus grande chose que je détestais à propos de l'école était que mes capacités cérébrales étaient mesurées selon un système et si je ne marquais pas correctement, j'étais considéré comme «stupide». J'ai alors rejeté cette idée et je le fais toujours maintenant. Si quelqu'un vous appelle 'Stupide', ne le croyez pas! Ils parlent d'un endroit qui met les gens dans une boîte. La grandeur et les gens qui accomplissent de grandes choses le font souvent en dehors des sentiers battus.

3. Graisse

Il y a quelques années, j'ai écrit un article pour MindBodyGreen pour ne pas appeler les gens «gros». Cela a suscité beaucoup de controverse. Malgré la controverse qu'il a causée, je suis toujours ferme qu'aucun de nous ne devrait utiliser ce mot et, surtout ne pas croire ceux qui nous appellent ce mot. Nous passons tellement de temps et d'énergie à essayer d'être mince que nous oublions toutes les choses incroyables que nos corps font pour nous. Notre objectif devrait être sain et fort, pas maigre.

4. Impossible

Chaque fois que quelqu'un me dit «non», une partie de moi s'illumine. Je commence à penser à tous les moyens possibles, même si on me dit que je ne le peux pas. Comme dit ce dicton: «Tout est figurable». Qui sait ce qui pourrait arriver si vous croyez que vous pouvez le faire? Je peux vous garantir que c'est plus que si vous croyez que vous ne pouvez pas.

4 words that you shouldn’t believe about yourself.

Image by Getty imahes

Image by Getty imahes

Contrary to what you might have been told, words carry power. Sure, if someone calls you ugly or is hateful towards you, you needn’t spend your whole day thinking about it. However, you have to be selective about remembering how people have addressed you.

If someone chooses to use one of the following words about you, please don’t believe them.

Here are the words are and why you shouldn’t believe someone if they call you this:

1. Unworthy

You are always worthy. No matter what race you were born, how much money you have, who your parents are or what your occupation is, you are always worthy of what you want and worthy of fundamental respect. Sometimes we get caught up in social circles and feel the need to adjust and change ourselves just to fit in. But, there is no need. You, unchanged, are worthy. Don’t believe people if they tell you otherwise. Your authentic power comes from you being you and accepting that.

2. Stupid

I was a D and C student in junior and high school. Honestly, I hated school. I hated everything about it and didn’t see the point in going to it. The biggest thing that I hated about school was that my brain capacity was measured according to a system and if I didn’t score correctly, I was considered ‘Stupid’. I rejected that idea then and I still do now. If someone calls you ‘Stupid’, do not believe them! They are speaking from a place that puts people into a box. Greatness and people who accomplish great things often do so outside the box


3. Fat

A few years ago , I wrote an article for MindBodyGreen about not calling people ‘fat’. It sparked a lot of controversy. Despite the controversy that it has caused, I am still firm that none of us should use this word and, especially not believe those who call us this word. We spend so much time and energy focused on trying to be skinny that we forget all the amazing things that our bodies are doing for us. Our goal should be healthy and strong;not skinny.

4. Unable
Whenever someone tells me ‘no’, a part of me lights up. I start to think of all the ways that it is possible despite being told that I’m not able to. Like that saying goes, ‘Everything is figureoutable’. Who knows what could happen if you believed that you can do it? I can guarantee you that it’s more ways than if you believe that you can’t.

5 questions to ask yourself before you let go of a friendship


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Recently I made a bold decision: I decided to discontinue two friendships in my life. I couldn't be friends with them any longer because I hadn't felt respected by them for a while. Before I decided to let go of these relationships, I asked myself the following questions:

1. Would you allow a romantic partner to treat you the same way that your friend treats you?

My partner at the time had stood me up once for a date. I was livid. He asked me why I had been so mad when a couple of friends of mine had stood me up, too, and I had been OK with it. He was right. I made a decision to set clear boundaries because it wouldn't be fair to have a different set of rules for people in my life. Respect is respect, regardless of the position that person holds in your life.

2. Is your friend supportive of your work and actions?

When I had previously gone through a lot of drama, my former friend would offer me food or wine to comfort me. However, I started to notice that as I began to accomplish things, her support dissipated. My friend was feeling unfulfilled in her life and, because of this, she was unable to celebrate my accomplishments. Everyone deserves friends who will celebrate their wins, not only support their weaknesses when they are feeling down.

3. Does your friend use your past against you?

Three years ago, I was in an unhealthy relationship. As a result, I did some unhealthy things to myself. One of the friends with whom that I decided to part ways would continuously remind me that I was "a mess" three years ago. She would say it in a judgemental tone. I'm not sure what her intentions were, all I know is that it hurt my feelings. If you've moved beyond your past and your friend hasn't, they are not being helpful in your growth and not helping you forgive yourself.

4. Do you and your friend engage in speaking negatively about others?

My former friend and I used to gossip about other friends, celebrities, and our neighbors. Eventually I found out that she had gossiped about me, too toward the end of our friendship. It hurt, but it wasn't surprising. Ask yourself if you and your friend spend time speaking negatively about other people. If so, remember that there may come a time when they'll gossip about you, too.

5. Do you and your friend give to one another from your hearts or your minds?

When I had mentioned to one of my friends that I wouldn't be spoken to in the manner in which she had spoken to me, she explained that she had done so much for me, which was reason enough for her to speak to me in a way that I found to be disrespectful. Over the years, we had done things for one another, and she had been keeping score. How much someone gives doesn't accumulate into friendship coupons that can be used against someone's feelings. When you give to get, what you give doesn't come from love—it comes from calculation. True friendships are based on love. Love doesn't keep score.

Walk into 2018 with these four empowering mantras.

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I’m not sure about you, but 2017 was a challenging year for me.Although I am grateful for the character building characteristics of being challenged; a little ease and positivity after it most certainly feels good.




As a firm-believer of affirmations and manifestations, it is important to keep ourselves motivated and empowered regardless of what happens to us.


We said goodbye to 2017 and now let’s welcome 2018 with love and assurance that our best days are ahead of us, with these mantras:


1. I am stronger than my challenges because I am still here.


Regardless of how difficult some things may seem while you are in them. Once they are done, it is clear that you are stronger than them because you are still here and your problems or challenges are not. If they are, I can guarantee you that there will be a moment in time when they won’t be with you anymore.


2. Breathe, believe and succeed.


In my opinion, the equation to a fulfilled life is remaining at peace, believing in yourself , what you love and doing the hard work. It’s important to remain calm because worrying during this process will block your blessings. To be blessed, you must be open to receive your blessings. Negativity and worry only blocks that,


3. There is power in now.


This mantra can be applied to all areas of your life. It can help you practice being in the present moment, it can help you make the most of the moment and it can remind you to live this moment because it will be gone. Choose what it means to you. And, use it to progress this year.
4. Feed your destiny.

I heard this mantra from a sermon by Joel Osteen. In the sermon, he explained that it is easy to go through periods in time that are challenging and to get caught up in being negative; however, feeding your past can only get in your own way. To maximize the potential of your future, use words and energy that positively impact your future and what lies ahead.


🇫🇷Marcher en 2018 avec ces quatre mantras habilitants.

Je ne suis pas sûr de vous, mais 2017 a été une année difficile pour moi.Bien que je suis reconnaissant pour les caractéristiques de construction du personnage d'être contesté; un peu de facilité et de positivité après tout cela se sent certainement bien. En tant que fervent défenseur des affirmations et des manifestations, il est important de rester motivé et responsabilisé indépendamment de ce qui nous arrive.

Nous avons dit au revoir à 2017 et maintenant accueillons 2018 avec amour et assurance que nos meilleurs jours sont devant nous, avec ces mantras:


1. Je suis plus fort que mes défis parce que je suis toujours là.

Indépendamment de la difficulté que certaines choses peuvent sembler pendant que vous êtes dedans. Une fois qu'ils ont terminé, il est clair que vous êtes plus fort qu'eux parce que vous êtes toujours là et que vos problèmes ou vos défis ne le sont pas. Si c'est le cas, je peux vous garantir qu'il y aura un moment où ils ne seront plus avec vous.


2.Respirez croyez et réussissez.

À mon avis, l'équation d'une vie accomplie reste en paix, en croyant en soi-même, en ce que vous aimez et en faisant le dur labeur. Il est important de rester calme car s'inquiéter pendant ce processus bloquera vos bénédictions. Pour être béni, vous devez être ouvert à recevoir vos bénédictions. La négativité et l'inquiétude ne font que bloquer cela.


3. Il y a du pouvoir maintenant.

Ce mantra peut être appliqué à tous les domaines de votre vie. Il peut vous aider à vous entraîner dans le moment présent, il peut vous aider à profiter au maximum du moment et vous rappeler de vivre ce moment car il sera parti. Choisissez ce que cela signifie pour vous. Et, utilisez-le pour progresser cette année.


4. Nourrissez votre destin.

 J'ai entendu ce mantra d'un sermon par Joel Osteen. Dans le sermon, il a expliqué qu'il est facile de traverser des périodes difficiles et de se laisser prendre au piège de la négativité; cependant, nourrir votre passé ne peut que vous suivre à votre façon. Pour maximiser le potentiel de votre avenir, utilisez des mots et de l'énergie qui ont un impact positif sur votre avenir et sur ce qui vous attend.


🇨🇮Caminar hacia 2018 con cuatro mantras de empoderamiento.


No estoy seguro de ti, pero 2017 fue un año desafiante para mí. Aunque estoy agradecido por las características de construcción del carácter de ser desafiado; un poco de facilidad y positividad después de que se sienta bien.

Como firme creyente de afirmaciones y manifestaciones, es importante mantenernos motivados y con poder independientemente de lo que nos suceda. Nos despedimos de 2017 y ahora recibamos 2018 con amor y seguridad de que nuestros mejores días nos esperan, con estos mantras:


1. Soy más fuerte que mis desafíos porque todavía estoy aquí.

Independientemente de cuán difíciles pueden parecer algunas cosas mientras estás en ellas. Una vez que terminan, está claro que usted es más fuerte que ellos porque todavía está aquí y sus problemas o desafíos no lo están. Si lo son, te puedo garantizar que habrá un momento en el que ya no estarán contigo.


2. Respira, cree y triunfa.

En mi opinión, la ecuación para una vida plena es permanecer en paz, creer en ti mismo, lo que amas y hacer el trabajo duro. Es importante mantener la calma porque preocuparse durante este proceso bloqueará tus bendiciones. Para ser bendecido, debes estar abierto para recibir tus bendiciones. La negatividad y la preocupación solo bloquean eso,


3. Hay poder ahora.

Este mantra se puede aplicar a todas las áreas de tu vida. Puede ayudarte a practicar el estar en el momento presente, puede ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo el momento y puede recordarte vivir este momento porque ya no estará. Elija lo que significa para usted. Y úsala para progresar este año.


4. Alimenta tu destino.

Escuché este mantra de un sermón de Joel Osteen. En el sermón, explicó que es fácil atravesar períodos en el tiempo que son desafiantes y quedar atrapado en ser negativo; sin embargo, alimentar su pasado solo puede ponerse a su manera. Para maximizar el potencial de su futuro, use palabras y energía que tengan un impacto positivo en su futuro y en lo que le espera.