12 Lies that I once told myself that I no longer believe.


Image from Unsplash  


I am a firm-believer in positive affirmations because we are what/who we believe ourselves to be. So, it is important to keep our thoughts about ourselves positive and supportive because we become what we believe.

I haven’t always been this positive. When I wasn’t this positive, the biggest mistake that I made was believing negative things people said about me. I turned their lies into truth.

Now that I know that these beliefs are lies, I can clearly say that these are 12 lies I once told myself that aren’t true:

1. I am unlovable.

2. I am lazy.

3. I am not smart.

4. I am unkind.

5. I am fat.

6. I am a slut.

7. I am not talented.

8. I am like everyone else.

9. I will never amount to anything.

10. I am fake.

11. I am ugly.

12. I am not enough.