12 Ways to be a conscious consumer.

Image by Unsplash 

Image by Unsplash 

We can all preach but practice requires strength, discipline and being open. Literally with almost anything, we have to be persistent and practice what we preach; otherwise we are only creating the opposite of what we want to do. 

Something that I am passionate about is being kinder to The Environment. And, just like I mentioned, I can preach but until I practice, there is no point. We won’t always get it right but it is worth trying. 

So, here are 12 ways that I practice conscious consumerism: 

1. By limiting how much meat and fish I eat. 

2. By taking public transport as much as I can. 

3. By taking short showers.

4. By using a reusable water bottle. 

5. By opting out of iced drinks from cafés as much as possible. 

6. By recycling as much as possible. 

7. By buying and using bar soaps and glass containers.

8. By reusing plastic that I have bought as much as possible. 

9. By practicing yoga in shorts- they contain less micro-plastic than leggings. 

10. By buying organic produce- it’s better for the soil because organic farmers don’t use pesticides. 

11. By vintage shopping when I can. 

12. By supporting companies that make an effort to be diverse- not environment related but diversity is important in every field.