12 Things you should do everyday if you want to be a kind person.

Image from Unsplash 

Image from Unsplash 

Maya Angelou had a quote that said, ‘If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.’ 

Which seems contradictory to so many things going on in The World right now. We have been bought the idea that success equals money, status and sexy bodies. But chasing after those things will not make you happier or kinder.  If we want to make true change, it starts with us, including kindness. We won’t always get it right. However, trying is half the battle. 

Here are 12 things you should do to be a kind person: 

1. Be grateful to have each day. 

2. Be grateful to have a body. 

3. Smile most of your day.

4. Focus on the positivities of life. 

5. Greet people who are of service to you. 

6. Say thank you to people who are of service to you. 

7. Limit your cellphone use in front of others. 

8. Look people in the eye when speaking to them. 

9. Be considerate of those around you. 

10. Speak from a place of compassion. 

11. Speak from a place of humility. 

12. Let go of the need to be right.