6 More things I wish I knew before my first break-up.

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

A break-up can catapult you into one of the biggest changes of your life. And like with other things that change, it is our choice how we use the cards that are given to us during these transitional periods. 

We can make ourselves victims or victors, it is up to us. 

Here are six more things that I wish I’d known before my first break-up: 

1. Everything is going to be okay

You might be crying and it might be hard to get out of bed and have hope but there is always light. Whether the light appears in a day, a week, a month, a year or many years- one day it will be better. When that day comes, you will be grateful that you held on. 

2. If you believe in your future, make choices that align that way. 

We can say that we believe that we will be okay but how are you manifesting into your life? Our lives are made up of choices and if you are making choices that take you back, how can you shift that to make choices that lead to forward to where you want to be? The great thing about choices is that only we can make them. So, we need make them wisely. 

3. You are not alone.

I know that it feels isolating and you are wondering how you can go on. However, I guarantee you that you can. You can because there is someone else going through exactly what you are going through, if not worse. Heartbreak and pain is felt by every single person alive. If they can get through it, so can you. 

4. There is a reason for it. 

It took me two years to understand why my five- year relationship didn’t work out. And, during that process, I found myself judging myself. I had to remind myself that healing is a process, however long it takes is okay. Only now do I understand why it ended. With that being said, once you have experienced a break-up, it may not be clear why it happened. But, i promise the reason will reveal itself. Let God reveal the reason when it is time. 

5. Greatness is on the way. 

I am a firm-believer that everything happens for a reason, whether we agree at that moment or don’t. Beyond every challenge is a breakthrough but it does require working through it to get to greatness.

6. Forgiveness is power

We can spend our lives counting the wrong that someone has done to us and find ourselves dwelling in negativity, thinking about the other person. When the person is living their best life. Hate is heavy and is only truly felt by the person who thinks hateful thoughts. The only power that can set us free is forgiveness. So, try to forgive. Even it is painful and revealing. Better to work through pain than to project it into yourself and others.