What happens when you decide to live in abundance.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Inspired by Mother Teresa, written by Hall Tsotetsi.

When you shine, people are jealous of your light. Shine anyway. 

When you are your best, people question it. 

Be your best anyway. 

When you think that you are worthy, people might tell you that you aren’t. Think you are worthy anyway. 

When you stand firm in your truth, people might be intimidated. Stand firm in your truth anyway. 

When you are authentic, people might tell you not to be. Be authentic anyway.

When you decide to be successful, people might try to stop you. Be successful anyway. 

When you discover that everything that you needed is within you, people might call you arrogant or conceited.  Be everything that you need anyway. 

Because ultimately, our lives belong to us. We cannot wait for others to recognize and see our worth, we need to see and recognize our worth first.