7 ways to get closer to your dream life.

Image by Unsplash  Article written by Diana Athena

Image by Unsplash

Article written by Diana Athena

As kids we all have had our dreams. Someone may have wanted to become a doctor, a singer, a fireman, an actor, a designer. But what has happened to those dreams? Have we simply grown out of them? Have any of our dreams come true? Or, have they gotten lost under the pile of everyday tasks?

I don’t think dreaming is a way to distance us from reality, but a way to access the heart’s deepest longings. In the constant chase for a better life, it is easy to forget who we wanted to be when we grow up. We waste our energy stressing out about paying bills, managing our schedules while getting a decent amount of sleep. We rush, we worry, we run after our goals. But are those goals helping us to get closer to ourselves? I like to look at dreams as a way for the heart to communicate, as a way of healing and coming closer to a child inside of us.

Can we remember and stay true to our dreams?

I find these few ways being extremely helpful to silence my thoughts and to dive deeper into my heart, giving it permission to bring magic into the world around me.

1. Finding time to relax.

Busy schedules are demanding.Life is flowing and the clock is ticking. And, there are still so many things to be done! Somehow the fastest way sometimes is to go slower, to step back and get yourself together first, before you start putting together everything else. That simply may look like 5 minutes in your car before you get on the road, or an extra stop on the way home to take in whispering of the trees.

2. Meditating.

Meditation is a great way to tune out your thoughts and into your heart. Creating space for yourself to be simple and free without anything else to do, without anywhere else to be. Just. Simply. Be. You.

3. Being in nature.

Big cities contain a lot of pollution; not just environmental, but also energetic. Which, in turn, results in heavy layers of protection around your softer Self. It is important to take short trips/walks somewhere, where the nature sounds are louder than the city noises.

4. Writing.

Writing can be used as a therapeutic tool to access deeper consciousness. The mind can spin one thought over, and over , and over again, but once you make a choice to write it down the mind has to focus on forming it into words, which breaks the spinning pattern. Don’t just believe me? Try it! Write it down first, and then add some spiciness by providing a description!

5. Giving yourself permission to enjoy life.

If the first thing which came to mind is going out with some friends on a Friday night (nothing’s wrong with that), scratch it out! Look within yourself! What do you actually want to do? What activity could possibly bring a smile to your face? Be creative! Explore your interests! And don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Come up with the things you want to try, instead of searching among the things you already have.

6. Acknowledging your victories.

The change doesn’t have to happen as a storm breaking everything along the way. It can start by simply finding awareness that you are not in the place you want to be at. Don’t beat yourself up for that! Instead start making small baby-steps towards your desirable outcome. And don’t forget to give yourself some credit for your hard work! The goal is to enjoy life! Remember? And not to set up more goals, just yet.

7. Creating new dreams.

Find gratitude, as your dreams slowly start blossoming into your life. Welcome and celebrate them. Notice how it feels like to have your wishes come true. But remember to keep on dreaming!

You do not have to run through deserts and cross deep seas to meet your heart’s desires. You just have to believe that you deserve the life you want and that the dreams are meant to come true!

The magic is just beginning!

Diana is a full time yoga teacher and a writer based in New York. 

Diana has started practicing yoga in 2012 and has been teaching since 2016. Yoga practice has taught her to connect more deeply with her body and to discover the depth of her breath. It has taught her to be more aware of her habits and choices, both inside of the yoga studio and outside in the real world. Stepping onto the mat time and time again has given her an opportunity to get to know herself better and to find inspiration and courage to follow her heart. 

Diana has started to develop interest towards writing as a teenager, writing poems and short stories. After moving to New York from Russia when she was 19 years old, Diana has rediscovered her passion for using the art of words to express herself and has started exploring  writing in English. After performing one of her poems as her monologue in an acting class and receiving positive feedback from her acting coach, Diana knew that writing was her calling. Diana is currently working on her poetry book and is using a net of well chosen words to share her views and to inspire.