12 Things that I will no longer let stand in my way.

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

I am a firm-believer that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that obstacles and problems are lessons, as long as we stay open to what we can learn from them. 

Sometimes it takes having obstacles in our way, removing them and moving forward to realize what was in our way. 

Here are 12 things that will no longer stand in my way: 

1. Someone else’s ideals. 

2. Game-players. 

3. Fake friends. 

4. Manipulative people. 

5. Insecurities. 

6. The past. 

7. What other’s think of me. 

8. Lies. 

9. Haters. 

10. How my finances ‘should’ be. 

11. Betrayal. 

12. Negativity.