What each zodiac needs to be emotionally evolved.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Astrology is one of the first forms of traditional science, it is based on how The Universe is aligned in a particular moment. Although I am not an Astrologer, it is a deep passion of mine. One that I have spent many hours studying. 

Every once-in-while, I write articles about astrology. This time, it is how each sign can emotionally evolve based upon their zodiac placement. 

Here is how your sign can progress into a more balanced personal, emotionally: 

1. Capricorn- To release the need to control. 
2. Aquarius- To listen to others’ emotions without forcing them to take action about a concern.
3. Pisces- To see situations from both sides, not only yours.
4. Aries- To let go of the need to be the center of attention. 
5. Taurus- To be more open-minded. 
6. Gemini- To meditate  or think when you’re angry or upset. 
7. Cancer- To let your guard down. 
8. Leo- To align your lives with happiness. 
9. Virgo- To be more accepting of how people are. 
10. Libra- To practice balance from within, first. 
11. Scorpio- To take responsibility for your intense emotions or feelings. 
12. Sagittarius- To let others lead, too.