Dear God, I’m sorry (A prayer of hope).

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Dear God

I am sorry for falling into the trap of negativity that was set up by me listening to what he (my former partner) had to say about me. W’s expression towards me hurt because I feel like it is not valid. I know that I am not heartless and one who is constantly seeking attention. So, to hear the opposite of that hurt me deeply. 

Thank you for this experience because I am learning two very important things: that if I really believe that I am better off without him, now is the time to prove it, and that my life is worth living in happiness, peace, respect and abundance. Anything that doesn’t fall within those boundaries, I want to leave behind. 

God, please help me call on The Angels that I need to get through this difficult time. This period is one where people who have hurt me think that they deserve me. Please give me the strength to prove to myself and be a testimony that I am worthy of what I truly want, a World of abundance. With that, a partner who treats me as an equal. 

I ask for all the courage that I need to walk into ‘The Unknown’ because I can feel that where I am headed is better than where I came from. 

I believe in a life of prosperity, hope, joy and strength. Please help me get there.