3 Ways of negativity that you need to let go of if you want to live a better and more positive way of life.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

We’ve all been in a situation or around a person that wanted to bring you down to their negative vibration, energy level. We’ve all experienced someone else’s jealousy, rage, insecurity, resentment or vengefulness and wished that we weren’t apart of it. 

In fact, we have all been the ones who have sent these low vibrations out. Most of the time, without even realizing that we are sending them out. 

What’s so great about our lives, is that we have the chance to choose the life that we want. Through re-training habits, thoughts and belief systems, we can raise our vibrations, manifest our dreams and live our best lives. This is only possible through choice, daily choices that align us to our higher power. 

Here are 3 ways of negativity that you need to let go of if you want to live a better and more positive way of life:

1. Insecurity

I used to be very insecure, sometimes I still am. I used to want other people have, look the way that someone else looks or, tell myself that I wasn’t worthy because I was who I am. Sounds sad I know; however, most people think like this. We live in a World of constant comparisons and a society where we rarely speak kindly to each other, motivate each other and lift one another up. A few years ago, I decided to love myself more day-by-day because being at war with myself was only bringing me down. Instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing who I was; I chose to appreciate myself for who I am. It wasn’t easy but it was all worth it. I now fully understand that being insecure only attracts more insecurity and negativity into my life. When I am loving and confident, a world of happiness is open and ready for me to explore. 

2. The need to take and not give.

Another negative aspect of our culture is that before we give, we want to take. I believe that this is the most sickening mindset that we can have, as it affects everything in our life. When we go into a situation looking to get, we put up our guard and then true love, respect and kindness go out of the window. Many of us are fed the idea that there is not enough to go around but, this is a lie. One of the biggest toxic ways of thinking is that what is meant for me is meant for someone else. If you work hard enough, give enough, love enough, enjoy enough and live to your fullest potential then, what is meant for you will definitely find you. So, there is no need to fight for it or take it from somebody else.

3. Fear. 

Fear can be many things and could be the umbrella above the two previous topics. However, when I mention fear in this paragraph, I am elaborating upon being afraid to expand your horizons because of a negative that might happen. If you think of our lives, more right is going on than not. You are alive, you have breath, you are capable, you are able, you are enough, you have done enough... ultimately, everything is working for your good. Make sure that you are doing the same and aligning yourself with elevation and intention.