12 More things that I know for sure.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Even though I know that I have learnt a lot, there is still more to learn. I am a firm-believer of taking the time to reflect upon something(s) that might need time to look back on.

So, before I learn more, this my pause button. A chance where I get to acknowledge a few things I know for sure: 

1. If I ask someone else to love me, I need to love myself first. 

2. Sometimes love means asking more from someone. 

3. Simple is not easy but often where all of us need to start. 

4. Be true to your dreams and what you need to do to make them happen. 

5. People come and go but you will always remain. 

6. Who better to love you than you? 

7. Without your phone, house, car, money, title or status, are you enough? 

8. Sometimes love means letting go of forcing someone to change and accepting them for who they are. Then, creating distance so that it doesn’t affect you and what you believe in. 

9. A really good, happy life with morality, kindness and values is free. 

10. People who live in ‘should’ve’ are living in the past. 

11. Everything valuable in life, including wellbeing, takes work and effort. 

12. Talking about doing something and doing it, is two different