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Reduce your carbon footprint by following this list:

Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

Some may say that we are living in some scary times. Whether you are political or not, it is evident that it is up to us to be the change that we want to be- especially in regards to the environment. 

So, here is a list of things that will help you do your part for the environment:

1. Take 2 minute showers or less or take a bath.

- To reduce water consumption. Baths use less water.

2. Use less plastic

- So that there is less plastic to recycle or fill our lands with. 

3. Take public transportation, if you can. 

- public transportation is a big contributor to air pollution. 

4. Buy local as much as you can!

- less travel for your delivery to travel means less pollutants in the air.

5. Use your bicycle every now and then!

- also reducing pollutants in the air.

6. Eat less meat!

- to prevent damage of natural vegetation and reduce methane gas in the atmosphere. 

7. Plant a tree!

- A lot of them are being cut down.

8. Eat Organic!

- Pesticides are air pollutants.

9. Buy recycled paper!

- So that a few less trees get killed. 

10. Recycle!

- It's the right thing to do.