15 Things that I have learnt about romantic love.


Image by Unsplash


As a newly-single woman, sometimes I miss the affection and love from a partner. After a few relationships that haven’t exactly ended in the most peaceful circumstances, before I lose faith in romantic love and partnerships I want to remind myself of what I have learnt in these relationships. So that I can move forward with love and openness.

These are a few of the things that I have learnt about love:

1. To stay open.

2. To trust the bigger picture.

3. To forgive.

4. To let go of expectations.

5. To feel.

6. To not take other people’s issues and comments personally.

7. To live now.

8. To love now.

9. To be clear.

10. To have boundaries.

11. To remember but not hold a grudge.

12. To accept love.

13. To relax.

14. That intimacy is based on acceptance.

15. That there is always love after love.