Dear W, I forgive myself.

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

Dear W, 

It wasn’t all of your fault. I played a part too. 

That is why I forgive myself. I forgive myself because this has taught me the cycle that I thought that I was done with. 

I forgive myself because sometimes the journey takes falling and falling to get up again. Now, that I am up, I am grateful for my fall. How ever many times I did fall. 

I forgive myself if I am hard on myself, I will never progress. Progression is the only route. The route to light. 

I forgive myself for expecting another human to be my life source; when I know that God is the only life source in this Universe. 

I forgive myself for being angry, judgemental and uptight. None of these characteristics will lead me to peace. Only forgiveness will. And, that is why I forgive.