Dear God, (my prayer for cutting ties with someone)

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

Dear God, 

Please give me the strength that I need to progress. I know that you know how hard I tried to make this work. My previous force for this relationship has left me in this position. The position where I have to choose where to go. I choose to move forward without this person. 

Please show me how? I am clear about my decision and need your guidance on how to maintain peace and love during this difficult process. 

I’m at the point in my life where love, peace and respect are the most important things to me; if something/someone does not align with it, I choose to let them go. Please help me align my choices? By giving me the strength to keep distance between me and this person. It is clear that this person keeps leading me down a trap to making me feel bad about myself and my existence. 

I believe in myself and what I stand for so, please give me the strength to walk away from people who treat me like I am second or unworthy?

God, I believe that you will because you have always been there for me before. 

Please guide me to moving forward with love and forgiveness?