10 Things That I tell myself when someone comments about my weight.


Image from Unsplash


We are a society based on looks. Especially in the city that I live in, L.A., people tend to be more focused on the outside than what is in inside. It is unfortunate because we miss out on so much that someone has to offer on the inside because we are so focused on the external.

I am very happy with the way that I look and feel. I feel healthy, beautiful, strong and full of life. Which, is a far way from where I have come.

I spent years being unkind to myself, starving myself and throwing up my food to please what some of my family, friends and agents thought of my size. That journey led me to realize that no matter how small I get, someone will always have something to say about the way that you look. It is a societal disease to place our insecurities onto others.

I reject it because it is not healthy and not serving.

So now when someone comments about my weight, I might reply to them or not. However, my internal dialogue is more important than what anyone else has to hear.

This is what I say to myself when someone makes a comment about my weight:

1. You are enough.

2. Your health is priority.

3. Don’t give in to someone else’s insecurities.

4. That person and comment does not have power over you.

5. Your body is doing way more for you internally than how it looks on the outside.

6. Health and happiness first!

7. Meeting people’s expectations of yourself is a game that you can never win.

8. Believe what you want about yourself.

9. People’s words only carry weight if you let them.

10. Be stronger! Your journey and progression is in your hands, not someone else’s.