Phrases that the different zodiac signs use after a break-up.


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We’ve all gone through a break-up and deal with it differently. So, I thought it only fitting for this month’s Zodiac article to be dedicated to phrases that the different signs are likely to use during a break-up.

*Please keep in mind that this is a fun article based on what the zodiac’s common traits are associated with.

•Aquarius: (Robot voice) ‘I’m okay. This for the best.’ - Cries when no one is around to save face.

Pisces: ‘What happened? I thought everything was going well. What do I do? How do I live?’

Aries: ‘You’ll regret this and the day that you were born!’

Taurus: ‘We’re not over. You’re crazy! I love you and I don’t love everyone.’

Gemini: ‘Great! Now, I can live my best life, ALONE!’

Cancer: ‘I need a month alone at home so that I can cry and feel everything.’

Leo: ‘I always knew that I was lowering my standards for you. This is proof because you don’t know how great I am.’

Virgo: ‘Fine by me. The next chapter of my life is about me and me only.’

Libra: ‘Can we still be friends?’

Scorpio: ‘You’ll regret this and I will prove to you that you will!’

Sagittarius: ‘Now I can finally sleep with other people and not feel bad about it.’

Capricorn: ‘I’m glad it’s over, you didn’t align with my 5- year plan anyway.’