15 Reasons I have learnt to forgive when I didn’t want to.


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I have truly learnt in the past week (post break-up) that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is the one that you want to stay angry at.

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This past week, I have been focusing on forgiveness so that I can rid myself of toxicity which manifested it’s way into my life through pain. Pain that was inflicted by someone who I used to be with.

Something else that I have learnt is that pain likes to personify itself and if you don’t catch it, it will take on a life of its own. That’s why forgiveness is the best option for me right now:

Here are 15 reasons why forgiveness is so important to me right now:

1. I forgive because toxic habits and thoughts have no place in my mind and my heart.

2. I forgive because life is about progress.

3. I forgive because freedom starts with peace.

4. I forgive because when it’s most difficult to forgive is when I need to.

5. I forgive because I want to see the silver-lining.

6. I forgive because I want to get out of my own way.

7. I forgive because I want to keep my heart open.

8. I forgive because pain goes on for as long as I want it to.

9. I forgive because there is always a bigger picture. I may not understand today but one day, I will.

10. I forgive because sometimes love requires actively leaving the past behind.

11. I forgive because the best way to learn is to become the observer.

12. I forgive because I am done taking things personally.

13. I forgive because my mindset determines how I heal.

14. I forgive because this moment is worth enjoying without the cloud of the past raining on it.

15. I forgive because I refuse to hold on to someone else’s baggage. That is theirs to deal with as I have mine to deal with, too.