4 Things that my Twin-Flame connection has taught me.


Image from Unsplash  


In my last article, I wrote about the journey that I have been on with my twin-flame, or what some people refer to as soulmate. Following this article, I have received many questions about my journey.

One of the main questions was, what is the point of this connection between two people? It is believed that the main reason for this connection is to elevate both people in this connection so that they elevate the level of consciousness in The World. Therefore, a lot of growth needs to happen within both people for them to re-unite otherwise it is destructive.
So, I only found it fitting that I write about the four main things that I have learnt about myself through this journey:

1. Insecurity begins from within.
After I met my twin-flame, he came into my workplace with another woman and I swore that I would never speak to him again. I blocked him on social media and asked myself how rude it is for someone who is interested in me to show up with another woman? Looking back, I was projecting my insecurities onto him. I never even asked who she was to him. I was so hurt by my past that I assumed what had happened to me would happen again. In the past, I have had relationships where the person that I was with felt insecure and projected that into me, by telling me that I wasn’t worthy or making me feel that way. So, when I saw my twin-flame asking for things for another woman, my old story came up. The story that says that I am not enough. I found myself resenting him for it until one day, I broke free of this story and freed myself of the need to carry baggage and insecurities from my past. I created a new story: I am love, I am light and I am enough, whether someone else thinks so or not.

2. Hate is attachment too.
During my angry phase with my twin-flame, I swore that I would never speak to him again. I received signs from The Universe: See his name on billboards, people would mention him around me and I would come into contact with people who knew him. I was running away from him and what he came with, only to be followed by messages of him. I woke up one day, crying as I asked myself why him? I had developed so much hate from him that it was affecting me. I would hope that I never saw him again and when I did, I would act like he didn’t exist or that I didn’t know him. After my fits of rage and upset out of disappointment, I had a realization that hate is attachment. The kind kind of attachment that breeds hostility and negativity. It was weighing me down. I decided to move forward towards forgiveness and love. I did so by meditating and accepting him for who he is while releasing any need for him to act and be the way that I want him to be.

3. Forgiveness is the foundation of any relationship.
As I mentioned in the last article, I had trouble accepting his past- sometimes I still do. You see, I have spent a lot of my adulthood, seeking peace and health. And, I had always thought that my twin-flame was somewhere on this Earth doing the same. So, when I found out that he was a producer in the music industry, I was disappointed because that industry comes from what I have spent my life running away from: drugs, exploitation of women and toxic people. I was on a bus in Colorado when it dawned on me that, his past has brought him to this point. Whatever has led him to this point, I need to be grateful for and through gratitude, I found forgiveness. Through forgiveness, I can appreciate him for who he is. He is a wonderful person with a past and I can’t hold my past against him because if I do, I block the love that we can give to each other whole-heartedly.

4. Let love in.
A part of me was afraid to love him because I was holding onto what has happened before. I found myself speaking (during a class that I was teaching) about being open and trusting love. The thought came to my mind, have I? Have I been open? The answer was no. Then I thought, why? Another thought came to me saying that the past might happen again. I began an inward battle of the devil vs. the angel. The devil being the one that wanted me to stay in resentment and hold onto the past and anger; the angel wanted me to progress, to forgive and to let my twin flame’s love in. From that moment on, I chose to let his love in. Everyday, I choose to let his love in because his love makes me feel safe, helps me break boundaries & limitations that I have placed on myself and, reminds me that we deserve love.