3 supplements that can help you on a cleanse

image by Getty Images, Plum creative

image by Getty Images, Plum creative

If you didn’t know by now, I am a huge fan of supplements. Especially since I have anemia and need iron supplements to maintain a healthy body.


There is; however, a common misconception that supplements mean that you don’t have to eat well too. This is incorrect. Our bodies absorb roughly seventy to eighty percent of nutrients from food and only twenty to fourty percent from supplements.


So, eating healthy food is important too. As I start my 7-day cleanse today, I wanted to share with you what supplements will be hitting my tongue throughout the days.


1. Milk thistle


This supplement is extracted from a plant. It is dehydrated and then put in capsule form. It’s usually extracted in concentrated form, meaning that the most powerful part of the plant goes in the capsule. Milk thistle is great for cleansing the liver, a few studies have shown that it rebuilds the livers cell while cleansing the liver. Meaning that it can reverse what alcohol and sugar does to our livers. It also has other benefits like helps to lower cholesterol and ward off cancerous cells. It is recommended to be drank in the morning as it is easier to cleanse the liver at this time.


2. Oregano


This is a plant in the basil family with a pungent smell and taste. Oregano is made into oil form by compressing the plant leaves to release the botanical oils, it can be put into capsule form too. I recommend The pure oil. Placing a drop or two under your tongue can prevent you from developing infections and certain viruses. If also cleanses the digestive tract.


3. Green powder


I love my greens; however, sometimes I don’t want to eat them with my meals, particularly breakfast. So, I start off the morning by placing a scoop of organic green powder (wheatgrass, barley, chlorella and spirulina) into a glass of water and downing it. Greens are loaded with nutrients and are a natural internal deodorant. They restore the blood and oxygenate cells in the body.

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*Please seek a professional’s advice before starting any new cleanse or detox.