A smoothie filled with antioxidants and love


Smoothies can be a great way to supplement your diet, not a meal replacement.


Especially as it becomes colder in The Northern Hemisphere, they can be a great way to amp up your immune system and keep you cold- free throughout the Winter.


I drink this every time that I start to feel ill. And, I truly believe that this and my healthy lifestyle are the reason why I haven’t been sick in years.


You will need (all organic ingredients):


• an inch-piece of ginger

• a tablespoon of black cumin oil

• a teaspoon of organic greens in powder form.

• a cup and a half of almond milk

• a spoon of rice protein.

• a pinch of nutmeg.

• a banana

• a handful of blackberries.

• handful of ice cubes.


How to:


• Blend all ingredients together!




*Serves up to 2 people.