4 party tricks for your Thanksgiving dinner to prevent you from over-indulging.


There is nothing worse than over-eating or over-drinking and then waking up feeling as though all the steps that you have taken to be a healthy person have gone to waste.


I have over-indulged many times and have therefore learnt a few tricks that have helped my clients and students.


Here are 4 of them:


1. Have a vegetable broth before you leave the house or while cooking.


I love vegetable broths. They are easy to make, light, refreshing and will slightly fill you up. I recommend having a broth as opposed to a soup because soups, particularly those that contain starch, can be heavy. You don’t want to be too full to enjoy the festivities. So, have a vegetable broth if you are cooking for others or have before you leave the house.


2. Have two glasses of water before each drink .


The feeling that hangovers create the day after drinking is usually dehydration. Great news! You may be able to avoid those hangover symptoms by drinking two glasses of water with each drink. This will also cause you to drink less.


3. Meditate before you see your family and friends.


We all know that meditation reduces stress and seeing many friends and family can be stressful. Which, might lead to emotional drinking or eating. Take control over your possible anxiety and emotional fluctuations by meditating beforehand.


4. Engage with others during, before and after dinner.


It is a note-worthy fact that when you talk, you can’t eat/drink at the same time. So, keep the conversation flowing. Conversing also allows you to enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving in a joyous way. Don’t be the one caught in the corner with a bottle of wine or cake all to themselves, drink and eat with others.