Dear W,


Image from Unsplash


 Dear W,

Goodbye. I know that I promised to love you forever but it’s become increasingly hard and toxic to love you within close proximity. So, I am choosing now to love you from distance.

I ask that you respect this distance.

Yesterday, I promised that I would hate you but now I understand that in hating you, I only end up hating myself.

So, in the theme of forgiveness, I accept who you are and I let you go. I’m hoping that this time that I let go that I move onto a healthier relationship: one that gives me back what I have given it. First with myself and then, with someone else.

In the spirit of progression, please leave me alone. I cannot handle another interaction with you ever again.

In the spirit of peace, I wish you well! Truly and deeply well because sending you bad wishes is only a reflection of who I am. And, I am trying each day to be kinder, loving and more understanding.

I would say, ‘til later’; however, there is no later.

Goodbye W